Entities Invisible / Packet Loss Maybe?

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by VergilPrime, Dec 10, 2017.

  1. Players and mobs both disappear in this area. Hard to tell if it's happening anywhere else or just in this gutted temple, as the server is in pre-production and not a lot of people are on yet.

    Lonedragoon18 also showed me his horse doing the same thing so it's not limited to players. Probably unrelated but the horse also managed to come off being tethered to a post.

    Then this body got stuck here leading to a nice screenshot:

    Feels like some packet funkyness, though we aren't on a Bungee Cord or anything.

    My plugins:
    • - CoreProtect
    • - ParticlePictures
    • - LuckPerms
    • - dynmap
    • - WorldEdit
    • - MVdWPlaceholderAPI
    • - VoidGenerator
    • - CommandHelper
    • - PlaceholderAPI
    • - FeatherBoard
    • - WorldBorder
    • - mcMMO
    • - Vault
    • - BannerBoard
    • - Votifier
    • - SaneEconomy
    • - WorldGuard
    • - ProtocolLib
    • - EnjinMinecraftPlugin
    • - Citizens
    • - ChestShop
    • - VaultChatFormatter
    • - CraftBook
    I'm on about a two week old build of Spigot if that matters.
  2. I had horses untie themselves fairly regularly a long time ago. Around the 1.9 era I think. Seemed to happen after a server restart, but I never bothered trying to narrow it down specifically. So my guess is the horses coming untied is unrelated.

    As for the main problem you have - I agree about it looking like a packet/protocol issue. But nothing in your list stands out as being something that would hide a player or other entity like that. Maybe duplicate your server if possible, and remove ProtocolLib and the plugins that rely on it, and see if it goes away.... Then add them back one at a time to see where the problem comes back.