Entity/arrow bug near spawn

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  1. I guess you need to see it to understand:

    Anyone know what the hex is going on? I'm using Spigot 1.9.4, and this bug has been here since 1.8.
  2. This is very definitely a plugin.. Doing something.
  3. Don't think so?
  4. Make a debug copy of your server, remove plugins until it stops happening.

    Vanilla minecraft does not cause rains of fire and floating arrows. Something is probably doing hacky stuff with packets or bad math on arrow velocity.
  5. That is going to be hard to do, the arrows there don't appear instantly.
  6. Bumping this thread because it's happening to us as well. No plugin errors or server errors. Didn't start happening until the 1.10 update either.

    World Edit

    Edit: It looks like it /might/ be an issue with Dynmap
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  7. That, or maybe CoreProtect?

    Do the arrows go away if you relog? if so, it is packet nonsense.
    If a restart removes them, i would suspect the arrows are being frozen by some sort of security plugin.
    If they stay there permanently, including after a restart, something it putting immobile arrows there, maybe a bad schematic loader handling entities incorrectly.
  8. The entities remain until the chunk is unloaded and reloaded. The chunk gets fixed if we regen it with world edit. It also does cause entities to remain if they were killed in the chunk. You must then reload the chunk by exiting the area and coming back or relog for them to go away.

    It's interesting that we just now started getting this issue in 1.10 and haven't had issues since.
  9. I actually had something similar on my server once it would spam drop arrow until it crashed the server, can't remember how I got it to stop.
  10. Lol noo keep that thats a cool glitch :)
  11. My server seems to have both dynmap and CoreProtect as well.