Entity Permission?

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  1. Hello, I just have a quick question.
    Lets say I just summoned a cow and cow = the spawned Entity
    SO, i could do cow.setCustomName() or something
    I am trying to give this entity a specific permission.
    Can I do this by just doing cow.haspermission("cow.perm");
    If not, how can I do it?
  2. Why do you want to do this? o_O
  3. ScarabCoder

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    Why exactly? Only players have permissions...
  4. Entities can too in theory, they extend Permissible, but I dont really understand why someone would want to use that.
  5. Well, I think entities can have permissions, it is just not well known, but Idk I just think this.
    I just thought I can retrieve this cow later on in the code, but I can always try a different method.
  6. You may want to explain what you are trying to achieve in the endgame here. Like why are you trying to give them a perm in the first place?
  7. Like I said, I just thought I can retrieve all cows with this perm later on in the code, but I might just use another method, I guess. :D
  8. Its possible with perms, yes, but I would say using metadata would be a better idea.
  9. If you want to get all cows, then maybe save them in a list (or their UUIDs). Individually, I think the native way to add a permission is addAttachment
  10. Thank you :D