Entity setVelocity(vector); Not Doing Anything

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  1. I am trying to make a plugin where this armor stand moves. As a test I am doing the following:
    Code (Text):
        ArmorStand e = (ArmorStand) player.getWorld().spawnEntity(player.getLocation(), EntityType.ARMOR_STAND);
                        e.setVelocity(new Vector(0, 5, 0));
    The armor stand spawns just fine, but the velocity does not change. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?
  2. latiku


    Which API are you using..?
    It's working fine for me using that code.
  3. Spigot's API...
  4. latiku


    I was talking about which version? ._.
    1.7.10, 1.8?
  5. 1.8. Compiling with 1_8_R3 and the server is running the most recent build.
    EDIT: Also, 1.7 there were no armor stands :p
  6. latiku


    Eh, yeah :p
    Hm, well I'm more familiar with 1.7.10, and that's where it's working fine.

    I'll PM you and explain more there
  7. Okay I PM'd you, but I don't see how this would work on 1.7.10 when there were no armor stands...
  8. I think you must use protocollib
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  9. ProtocolLib is running on my server why?