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  1. Hey there guys,

    i have a quick question regarding the "entity-tracking-range-x" setting in the config file.

    The description says that the max value is 64 but that seems way too close for me. Vanilla minecraft disables nametags at 64 and you can still see players far beyond that. And we kinda also need that on our server. I don't know the exact distance vanilla uses but why restrict it in such a hard way?

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    Vanilla limits it to 64, so even if the server sends the client that an entity is there more than 64 blocks away, the client wont display it.
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    You can actually increase the max value to something higher. I don't really recommend it though - I can't guarantee that the client will render that far.
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    It wont, the client just stops rendering it at 64 blocks away.
  5. I am pretty certain that this is not the case. I know for sure that a sanding players nametag is rendered until 64 blocks. But you definetly can see players without nametag beyond that.
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    Well, its obviously safe to turn up the tracking ranges above 64, so try it out! :)
  7. Not working :( It still caps at 64. Testet a vanilla server and it goes to 144 in vanilla.
  8. Adding to this discussion, but it appears that it's only players (not all entities) that are seen beyond 64 blocks. This is not the case for spigot.
  9. Exactly. In vanilla, animals stop rendering at about 32 or 48, chests at 64, hostile mobs at 64 etc. Players are the only ones that should be rendered beyond that (up to 144)
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  10. Wanted to ask if something was done in that direction yet. IMO its very strange that spigot completely rejects this to be configurable beyond 64. I can see why servers want/need a lower rendering range for players but there are others, like ours, that need a bigger range than 64. Basically every PvP server needs a higher range than just 64 blocks. Would it be possible to just keep the 64 default and lift the rejection so if someone really wants to, he can go up to the 144 blocks range like in vanilla?
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    Because the client does not render objects more than 64 blocks away - So why would spigot have an option to create more lag for noobs who do not know this?
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  12. Dmck2b

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    Change your other field to the cap you want to use, then change others to follow suit.
  13. This is not true! I tested it multiple times, vanilla renders players up to exactly 144 blocks. All other entities range from 32 for friendly mobs to 64 for hostile. Spigot is the only thing limiting player visibility to 64 blocks. I know that for a fact! If you don't believe me i can deliver proof.

    Sorry but I don't understand. Can you please rephrase?
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  14. Dmck2b

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    In entity-tracking-range, there is an option called "other", it acts as a cap for all other options such as players. Set it to whatever the other highest option is.
  15. players have their own option:

    players: 144

    But i tried it anyway. AND IT WORKED!!!!!! So much thanks. I don't know why "others:" works instead of "players:" but many many thanks! Finally good old 144 range :)
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    It's even referred to max in the source, no clue why it isnt max in the config.

  17. Yom


    BUMP: Still doesnt work for me. Ive run servers with far player rendering for years now. Recently the same issue has arisen and setting Other: 144 and players: 144 doesnt work for me unfortunately. Any advice?