Solved EntityArmorStand#setEquipment() not working?

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  1. Hello all I am trying to spawn in an armor stand using packets however I cannot get an item to display in the armor stand's hand. I have tried making it visible to no avail.

    Code (Text):

    private void spawnArmorStand(Player player, Material itemMaterial) {
            CraftWorld worldRaw = (CraftWorld)player.getWorld();
            EntityArmorStand stand = new EntityArmorStand(worldRaw.getHandle(), player.getLocation().getX(),      player.getLocation().getY(), player.getLocation().getZ());
            Material headBlock = itemMaterial;
            ItemStack headStack = CraftItemStack.asNMSCopy(new org.bukkit.inventory.ItemStack(headBlock));
            stand.setEquipment(EnumItemSlot.MAINHAND, headStack);
            PacketPlayOutSpawnEntityLiving spawnPacket = new PacketPlayOutSpawnEntityLiving(stand);
            sendPacket(spawnPacket, player);
  2. Every second post here about armor stands using packets will tell you that you will also have to send out the MetadataPacket
  3. I am so sorry I forgot about the MetadataPacket I will try it now
  4. your own nms entities must be registerd to bukkit

    do you mean `stand.setInvisible(true);`?! `setInvisible(bool)` makes an entity "INVISIBLE"! to the given bool. Every entity has this value to false as default.
  5. I managed to fix this with the following code:
    Code (Text):

    PacketPlayOutEntityEquipment equipment = new PacketPlayOutEntityEquipment(stand.getId(), EnumItemSlot.MAINHAND, headStack);
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