1.17.1 EntityDamageByEntityEvent - setDamage(0) doesn't work for Healing arrows

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  1. The following code snippet cancels hit damage of all kinds of arrows EXCEPT for those with Instant Healing II effect. Why is that?
    Code (Text):
        void oneEntityDamageByEntity(EntityDamageByEntityEvent e) {
            if(e.getDamager().getType() != EntityType.ARROW) return;
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  2. Because its Healing?
    are you aware that you are listening EntityDamageByEntityEvent
  3. Tipped arrows apply a potion effect, they do not do the damage directly.
  4. They deal damage on hit and apply the potion effect afterwards.

    Yes I am aware of that. When using the code snippet I posted, all arrows and tipped arrows deal zero damage on impact.
    The Instant Healing II tipped arrows however deal their usual damage when hitting a target.
  5. Test it on a player, you are hitting an undead mob with a healing potion, that's the reason they got damage
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