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    EntityOptionsPlus | Create Entities/MonsterSpawners using a GUI [1.8-1.12] - Create, modify, and save entities in a very easy way! Create Monster Spawners with these entities!

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  2. First, GREAT!! I've pulled MythicMobs off my server and replaced with EntityOptions Plus. Though MM may be more complex and configurable, I find the options in EO to be quite adequate and the interface infinitely better than the mind-numbing configs of MM.

    A question:
    I cannot get a mob spawner to work. When I create one and place it a message appears saying that a default spawner was place instead because the one I placed was either invalid or disabled.

    I've tried repeatedly and have been unable to place a working spawner.

  3. Buenas tengo unas sugerencias, estaría bueno si pudieras agregar que cuanta XP quiere uno que suelte un mob al morir, también agregar probabilidades de que suelte el item que lleva en su cabeza, en su pecho, en sus piernas, etc...; y que al morir dropee otra cosa por ejemplo: los zombies dan carne podrida, pues se pueda cambiar por otro(s) items; y para finalizar con las sugerencias poder cambiar los textos de Ingles a Español.
    Muchas Gracias por la atención.
  4. First, you need to save entities to the config. Then, use /eo givespawner <name>. I don't remember setting a message for invalid spawners, can you send me a picture of that error?
  5. Hola, gracias por las sugerencias. Eso si, las probabilidades de que suelte un item del equipamiento de la entidad si se puede editar, simplemente dando click a la parte que deseas editar el drop en el mismo inventario
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  8. I can't see the picture, can you upload it to imgur?
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  10. Run server spigot 1.12 and use ViaVersion-1.3.0
  11. Sadly, it is a minecraft version error, it does not contains a method for adding nbt tags to minecraft spawners. The only way to solve it is to update to 1.12.2 (I recommend it to you, it will fix a lot of issues including with other plugins)

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