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  1. We all know the difficulties users face when searching for a new server. Different gamemodes, languages, playernumbers and so on make it hard to find the best one for you.
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    It's a template :<. The features you list can be found here.

    If you can't afford a custom made site, doubt you can afford to get this known so eh sorry.

    & this also does exist - might confuse some people.

    I don't think that the Minecraft community needs another server list, especially if it has no funding.
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  3. I don't see why the community needs another one of these...
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  4. I personally don't think funding is necessary for a website like this. It's more about active advertisement and believing in it.
  5. Advertisement = money
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  7. You do have a point, however we already have 2 servers supporting us and focus on other advertising options.
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    No offence, but you're coming off as incredibly naive.

    You'd need money to promote your server list with ads, SEO etc. You don't just try hard and make a server list with no money o_O

    And considering there are so many big server lists right now, you'd need a considerable amount of money.

    Good luck and all but heed what others are sayin'
  9. Please not another... ;(
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  10. In my opinion another server list won't hurt anything as long as the creator has money to put into it and start advertising because I do agree there is a lot that have been made and left to sit but if the creator is willing to put money and effort into it how can it hurt?.
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  11. I would like to speak to you do you think you could skype me - agent.matt
  12. Good start, but you need to make yours stand out. Maybe give people who don't want to spend money on a "money paid" spot on the homepage can also get there through votes or something of the sort. This is just an idea. Try something different.
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  13. JamesJ


    The original software looks better visually than the edits you've made. :3
  14. That's actually quite a good idea! Thanks!
  15. :)
  16. Well, the site is not protected against fake votes.
    1. The captcher is just decoration because the key is generated client side. So http://www.theminecraftindex.com/core/captcha.php is nearly useless.
    2. You register the vote at http://www.theminecraftindex.com/processing/process_votes.php with
    "params": [{"name": "username","value": "name"},{"name": ":::clientside generated key:::","value": ""}] as post. So i think you just save the ip address of the user.

    All in all, you can fake as much votes as you can find proxies in the internet. Good Work!

  17. You nearly searched his website for any flaws didn't you!
  18. The captcha checks the key with a session, so that shouldn't be a problem. No. 2 however is actually quite helpful. Thanks for telling me, although PM'ing would be better in this case. I will work on it!
  19. The problem has been solved immediately. If you still find something, feel free to tell.