Epic Staff/Player/Donor prefixes

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  1. DavidDevelops


    well what I need is in the title but let me tell you what I DONT want

    Not to much bold: a little bold is fine but I don't want like 500 &k&lIII&b&l[Donor]&k&lIII or something like that its a little to crazy.

    Good names: don't be a troll guys post something that may really be used

    Nothing basic: anything like Helper, Jr-mod, mod, admin, sr-mod, all that I don't want I want something custom

    RANKS we have:
    Helper (Yep that's it)
  2. GaIaxy


    Why can't you come up with on your own and go from there?

    There's many developers that own networks/servers here. I don't think people would put a good effort into creating names for you to use on your server/network.

    "Custom" names have to be what you think fits your theme of your server or network.

    RPG server? Go with made up names
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  3. Hello, I can come up with a few basic ones. Chnage them up if you want also they are just basic ones!



    Here's a list from another guy!

    • Immortal
    • Mystic
    • Elite
    • Hero
    • Legend
    • Champion
    • Knight
    • Titan
    • God
    • Lord
    • OverLord
    • VIP
    • MVP
    • Donator
    • Supporter
    • Pro
    • Ultra
    • Premium
    • Platinum
    • Veteran
    • Champion
    Or if your going with ore types
    Ore Types:
    • Coal
    • Iron
    • Gold
    • Redstone
    • Diamond
    • Emerald
    • Zombie
    • Skelly
    • Creeper
    • Enderman
    • Pigman
    • Enderdragon

    Different Colors of the same rank name?:
    • Donator (Red)
    • Donator (Blue)
    • Donator (Green)
    • Donator (Purple)
  4. I dont care if it's "basic" you can have some thing Super-HeadMod. That justs stupid
  5. Idk...


  6. DavidDevelops


    Thanks ill be using them <3 cant wait to lunch Off topic but anyone know of a fast cheap way to get players?
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  7. Yeah I do, also like my post xD

    Become friends with other servers that have tons of players then advertise your server on their and advertise the other server on yours if you become friends. You can also spend like 300$ advertisement and make more with detonators. Your server will need something custom and unique like most big servers!
  8. DavidDevelops


    Ill do something custom (Fully custom game along with customized everything)
  9. DavidDevelops


    What I mean by "Custom" is not like Player Guest Member Helper Mod Admin I didn't want something so basic and isn't this forum FOR asking for help and stuff?
  10. GaIaxy


    Might just be me, but I think when it comes to names that aren't overused, server names, and server ideas aren't going to come by the dozen. If someone thought of a custom thing, they'd probably utilize that on their server and not hand it out.

    Just my thoughts, of course.
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  11. &c&l[&3&lORGAN DONOR&c&l] :|
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  12. DavidDevelops


    No but please don't be a troll. I know this was just a joke tho :)
  13. Lol ik... :D He did say "donator"