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  1. Yes I know, but you shouldn't XD. It is better to set a moderate amount for a crafting, then you can use this crafting on another one and so on.
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  3. some bug

    can't Number of changes

    i set 10
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  4. 原来你也是中国人!你好同胞 It turns out that you are also Chinese! Hello compatriot
  5. some bug

    When the level is not enough
    Complete materials

    Clicking on production will consume money (bug)
    Material does not consume
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  6. Code (Text):
        id: '297'
        name: 'Category1'
        - '1.'
        slot: 10
        id: '276'
        name: 'Category2'
        - '2.'
        slot: 11
        id: '311'
        name: 'Category3'
        - '3.'
    Category 1 and Category 2 are in the main categories inventory, but Category 3 is not because it doesn't have a slot. You can still open the category 3 to a player using the command.
  7. That potion is part of the required items?
  8. yes
  9. Oh ok, that's why, I will upload a new update tomorrow
  10. BUG submission:
    The $random-120-170$ variable will expire when the cold zone is added to the item.
  11. BUG submission:
    The $random-120-170$ variable will expire when the cold zone is added to the item.
  12. Suggest:
    Please let the production item support two or more $random-120-170$ variables
  13. The $random-1-5$ variable will fail after adding cooldown
  14. Please check and fix him, suggesting that each line lore supports multiple $random-10000-50000$ variables

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  15. Hi, it seems like the latest update is crashing my server for some reason :eek:
    (Im not entirely sure if its EpicCrafting, but its the only plugin name coming up in the logs)
  16. com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.CommunicationsException: Communications link failure
    It says something about MySQL and EpicCraftings doesn't use databases.
    Look at this:
    [CoreProtect] Success! Resuming server shutdown.

    It seems that it is an issue with CoreProtect.
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