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  1. I will give u a screenshot : and i don't want to set /ecraft setplace hhsapons_armor everytime for every player , i want it when they place it going execute the command everytime
  2. A couple questions before I buy this because I think this plugins awesome but I don't think I need everything that's in it:
    1. Are you able to turn off the custom crafting table to make it where the recipes can be crafted in a normal crafting table if you limit the amount to 9 items or does it have to be the custom crafting table?
    2. Can I override and/or delete Vanilla Recipes with this plugin?

    Thank you for your time in advance, I understand that you have an entire plugin page but honestly it's hard for me to understand without fully using the plugin and I just really need to know if it can do these two things first.
  3. The plugin is made so there is a limit of 15 required items for each crafting, you can't not set a maximum of 9 in your case. The plugin have an option called workbench-attach. If enabled, players wouldn't be able to craft vanilla items, just EpicCraftingsPlus ones using a workbench.
  4. Is this normal?
    - money,10000000
    Reaching more than 10000000 The display cannot be the same as the set price number

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  5. Lol. I'll take a look at that
  6. I try run the command from a command block ... Got a ideea how i should to the /ecraft open category player? to work at the thing with player? since @p isn't working
  7. sorry but usually, plugin commands doesn't work from command blocks. You should get another plugin that allows you to do something similar
  8. i mean i found a plugin but i don t know how every player could open it... look at the imgur picture
  9. In the picture it says the command is: ecraft open player hhsapons_armor. Instead of that, set it to: ecraft open %player% hhsapons_armor
  10. Didn't work %player% other suggestion?

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  11. Try setting run from console: true
    If it doesn't work.. That item is a block? You can use the command /ecraft setplace looking at it to create something similar
  12. didn't work ... i know , but i wanted to be everytime when a player place it to open auto a category

    Example : let's say i placed that glass block and i want it to open hhsapons_armor
  13. Doesn't BTC (or the plugin you are using) have a variable of the player who clicked that block? That's the only way to detect the player.
  14. Try with ecraft open ${name} hhsapons_armor
  15. Dude Thanks u a lot :)
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  17. ;) You're welcome
  18. A small question... What's the permission for ecraft open name hhsapons_armor?
    It says i don't have permission