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  1. Yes you can. Just delete the items from the crafting_menu in the inventory.yml file. The ones you need to delete are the previous_crafting and next_crafting.

    I don't have Discord support for my plugins, but I am active here on Spigot.
  2. cannot close the inventory with [​IMG]
    and I can't use ecraft after the update of cmi hologram compabality........ it will apeear the error and disable ecraft+
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  3. Is the same error as before? Did you contacted with the CMI developer?
  4. contacted but no reply until now :( same error
  5. The console error should not be appearing anymore in the next update, but the hologram won't show because that's a CMI issue.
  6. Ok, actually I think it may be more convenient to use the previous switch, and there is no description on the Wiki to delete, if you are not clear, maybe someone will ask, I personally recommend you to open discord, because it is also convenient to know you. Did you reply and it is convenient to contact you, so that other users can help you solve some problems when you are not free, but I don't know if there is any need for opening
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  7. The inventory as said is fully configurable so I didn't think of specifying that you can delete all sections, I tought it was clear ;)
  8. I have encountered same issued on "close inventory" not working properly, please take a look at it! thanks in advance!
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  9. No matter what color code I put in front of the placeholder upload_2022-5-7_11-20-33.png it green upload_2022-5-7_11-20-45.png by default.
    Is there any way to edit the %random_min_max% placeholder color?
    Or we can custom the way how it display on the lore,for instance below!

    - '&fLevel:&6???&f-&6???(&5%random_0_15%) &fLvl'

    So it'll display like this upload_2022-5-7_11-21-7.png and after crafting we got a random purple number between 0~15 upload_2022-5-7_11-21-25.png .(Due to I put &5 in front of the placeholder)
  10. I will check it!
  11. I forgot but you can change that color in randomVariableDisplayText message
  12. can get the display item through press F (switch off hand) while opening the gui
    perhaps you forget to cancel the event?
  13. I think that will happen only if you are in creative mode.