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Discussion in 'Resource Discussion' started by Ajneb97, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. Hello, the command-on-click option won't work for me. I create a chorus_fruit item that execute /rtp command but nothing happens when I right click with the item in my hand.
    Code (Text):
          id: CHORUS_FRUIT
          amount: '1'
          name: '&b&lPerle de voyage'
          - '&7Cette perle vous permet'
          - '&7de voyager dans les terres'
          - '&7encore inexplorées.'
          hide-required-items-flags: true
          - CHORUS_FRUIT;1
          - WATER_BUCKET;1;&7&lEau Purifiéee
          - GUNPOWDER;5;&7&lPoudre Magique
          category: consommable
          - "console: randomteleport %player% force"
          - money,5000
  2. Nothing shows on the console either?
  3. Nothing in the console. I've tried to change the CHORUS_FRUIT by a STICK but still not working :/
  4. Hola! Estoy utilizando paper 1.16.3

    No reconoce los items editados para los crafteos.

    amount: '1'
    durability: '54'
    unbreakable: 'false'
    - ENDER_EYE;1;&eGEMA DE ENDREAL;;&eUtilizala en /warp CraftOP;ENCHANTS:DURABILITY,10

  5. Bueno ya te respondi por Discord pero lo dejo aqui por si a alguien mas le pasa lo mismo.

    Agregar ignore-required-items-nbt: true en cada crafteo en la config.
  6. Ok, I will check it on my server!
  7. Thank for the fix !
    Is it possible to add a way to remove the item when it was used (command-on-click) one time ?
  8. Mmm you should be using another plugin to add functionalities like that to items, I recommend you ExecutableItems. This plugin is just for craftings.
  9. Does anyone have an example of a crafted command that I could use/see? I'm pretty sure I'm doing mine wrong since it keeps throwing oob exceptions when I manually edit it.
  10. Send me your config for the crafting you are having issues with
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  11. Can i craft for a command only? Don't give the item it shows instead it will run a command (So that i can use it with MMOitems more smoothly)
    Anyone can help me?
  12. Yes you need to use the command option :
    Code (Text):
    #Instead of giving an item, with this option you can execute a command to the player. You can set multiple commands by adding a ";" before the next command.
    command: pex user %player% group set VIP
    command: "pex user %player% group set VIP;eco give %player% 500"
  13. Hmm. Okay so I did some testing on what you said earlier involving attributes, and here are my findings;

    You're right, manually summoning in an item via a command while ensuring that every single attribute is different by 1 number worked perfectly fine. What I don't get is, why does every single generator online like "" generate items like this?

    I guess I can safely presume that a "compatibility" couldn't be added, could it?
  14. As I think I said, I use to create items and the option for attributes is working fine, generating random UUIDs for all attributes making sure there is not compatibilities issues with attributes.
  15. 要求项下的物品不能带有隐藏标志吗?