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    use any about skull
    error bug

    id: 397:3 happen
  2. It seems you have two errors here:
    1) Something if wrong with the name of that crafting.
    2) The cooldown you specified is incorrect.
  3. I only have to change the ID
    can't use

    change other id , can work

    if change 397:3 , happen this
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  4. Send me the config of the crafting you are having problems with. Also, when does the error happens?
  5. Change ID 397:3
    happen in any craft
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  6. Connect to Jobs Reborn plugin for job WeaponSmith please :(
  7. I don't have that issue, maybe it's a problem with paperspigot. In spigot/bukkit it works fine
  8. Currently you can add extra requirements for JobsReborn job levels, check the tutorial on the Extra-Requirement section ;)
  9. Can the maximum display be 64 quantities instead of negative numbers?
  10. [​IMG]Please fix, the project material icon is negative
  11. Please check, can you set the maximum number of displays to 64? Or not showing the quantity

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  12. can you fix??
  13. How to use it?
  14. Currently, it shouldn't be possible to add more than 64 items to the same stack.
  15. Sadly, I think is not a problem with my plugin so I doubt I can fix it somehow. I really dont know why it is not working for you. You could try sending me all the epiccraftingplus folder so I can test on my server
  16. Do not need more than 64 items. Does the direct icon display only 1 item by default?
  17. For example, the material needs 9999. But where is the material icon showing only one, can it be achieved?
  18. Thats why I told you, you can't set 9999 amount of required items. The maximum is 64 because the plugin looks for the amount of the item, not for the lore.
  19. But I can still set the material to 300+ or even 600.
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