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  1. How can i have normal big and deep oceans with underwater monuments, parrots and cats in the jungle, and polar bears in cold biomes.
  2. Hi, I bought the add-on and it's worth every penny, but I have a concern that when worlds are generated by default for both the world and the nether, I have river or waterfall zones that are in the air, they are not created properly, There is some way to solve this because if everything else is ok, only this does not look good.
  3. The biomes are cool but how do we use the regular ones? I am creating a map to use and want some of the regular biomes included. You don't have many mountains or regular snow biomes.

    Can somebody share the biome's configuration files with me?


  4. Can anyone give a more detailed explanation on how to pre-generate the world with a world border plugin in order to avoid lag-spikes when random teleporting within the map.
  5. [​IMG]
    Not sure what biome these cyan terracotta cliffs are added by... and with vanilla textures cyan looks more grey... Gorgeous regardless of whether they're blue or grey though. Fantastic bit of terrain, thank you! :)

    Also, if anyone reading this happens to recognize the biome please let me know. I'd like to make it more common in my world.
    EDIT: 90% sure it's Mega Taiga :)
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  6. ^ try /ewg tp then select the biome from chat

    I've experimented a lot of this plugin and the map function and finally got it working. But it's not as good I would hope. I've turned my attention to another generator and it has over 400 biomes. To me the other biome is much better and it's free.

    While I salute the author, the support is lacking and the biome selection is limited in comparison to OTG. I plan to rate it after a little more playing with the other generator.
  7. The best way I found, is to do this

    1) install plugin
    2) start server
    3) stop server
    4) delete World folder
    5) start server
    6) stop server
    7) delete Region folder data in World
    8) from console - wb World set 10000 10000 spawn
    9) from console - wb World fill
    10) from console - wb World fill confirm

    I know the stop and starting server several times seems overly done but I want to ensure the World is clean for generation.
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  8. How to fix this error (EWG version 7.2.28)
    [EpicWorldGenerator] EpicWorldGenerator has been disabled
    [EpicWorldGenerator] Failed to reach backend server for assets download and validations;
  9. Doen anyone know how i can make mountains without "subTerrains"? I tried to config the "noiseLayers" but I only get y:90 as max height. :(
  10. Can't seem to get it to work on 1.7.10 it's not making any files or folders. Done what it says on the overview.

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