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Discussion in 'Resource Discussion' started by minelazz, Jun 11, 2015.

  1. How do i disable the leaves that spawn on the ground?
  2. minelazz



    I might be wrong, but it sounds like you thought the dev of the plugin told you that. In that case, I am the developer of the plugin and I did not told you to update. The plugin is advertised to work on 1.7.10, something it does, but I have got some crash reports latly on version 7.X of the plugin. v6 should be pretty stable although.

    It might come back.
  3. could you help me out with a few things?

    i cant seem to get dead bushes to spawn on sand, ive tried to set it in plant settings but that only makes it spawn on grass but thats no good.
    i also like to stop cactus spawning above a certain height too.
    is it possible to do this?
    also id like to know what happened to this biome, i would really like to have it, its beautiful:

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  4. Did you make sure to have the value of all your percentages in your world-settings.json equal 1?

    Code (Text):
        "DESERT": {
          "enabled": true,
          "percentage": 0.13333333333333333
        "AQUATIC": {
          "enabled": true,
          "percentage": 0.06666666666666667
        "GRASSLAND": {
          "enabled": true,
          "percentage": 0.3333333333333333
        "FOREST": {
          "enabled": true,
          "percentage": 0.4066666666666667
        "TUNDRA": {
          "enabled": true,
          "percentage": 0.06
  5. great :)

    @minelazz : you should really add all the biome you have made (not as default one) but as secondary one so people can try them if they want too and try to help to fix or improve them ;)

    i mean the volcano one, the one xemnes talk about, etc ;)

    atm i'm trying to make an ocean with floating island, i think it could be a nice one too add :)
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  6. i found a bug, i can spawn my custom structure when i use sapling

    for exemple, here i use a jungle sapling and that gave me a ... temple xD (same with birch sapling which gave me a custom structure of mine)

    my temple is named CUSTOM_jungle_temple

    edit : i think its when the name of my structure begin by jungle, birch, oak etc.

    i posted it on the tracker
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  7. @scabbed that is an awesome temple...

    EDIT: is there a location where people share their custom structures?

    Not too many structures yet, but i'm sure they will come :D
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  9. ahhh youre right, thanks for helping me out with that. theyre spawning now ^^
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  10. Would it be possible to add a config line to structures, making them have at least "x" blocks between a structure and the copies of it? If you have a bunch of rocks in a biome, which is the same structure, I often find them to spawn inside each other.
    Meanwhile it would be nice to have a setting for the same, but with all the structures in a biome.
  11. Hey guys, am I the only one getting this error with the latest build on spigot 1.10.2?

    Code (Text):
    05.07 12:30:26 [Server] INFO Stopping server
    05.07 12:30:26 [Server] INFO Disabling EpicWorldGenerator v7.2.7
    05.07 12:30:26 [Server] INFO =~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=
    05.07 12:30:26 [Server] INFO See for more info
    05.07 12:30:26 [Server] INFO This version is not compatible with your worlds
    05.07 12:30:26 [Server] INFO - You was trying to use a rewrite of EpicWorldGenerator
    05.07 12:30:26 [Server] INFO Fatal issue detected!
    05.07 12:30:26 [Server] INFO =~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=
    05.07 12:30:25 [Server] INFO Enabling EpicWorldGenerator v7.2.7
  12. Your old world from version 6 is not compatible with version 7. You need to create a new one, or stick with 6.34 if you want to use that world :)
  13. my progress on my savanna biome:





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  14. It's beautiful :eek:
    I'm guessing trying to make Mushroom biomes is just a pain cause everyone's having such better luck than I am ;-;
  15. its basically just a reskinned desert biome, i used desert as a base and added trees and some rock deco.
  16. It looks really good. What texture pack is that?
  17. Was having some crash problem with EWG so I removed the plugin completely from my server and deleted all worlds. I then reinstalled the plugin and started up my server and still getting a crash. I'm using version 1.9.4 minecraft server
  18. minelazz


    I will fix the bush issue soon, as well as implementing the cactus feature. You can expect an update tomorrow. Sorry for not fixing the 1.7.10 crash issue faster.

    The plugin does not save any data about things that has been generated. When it is generating chunks, it does not have any data about how the neighbors chunk look like, meaning it has to be an algorithm that places them based on a pattern. I implemented a simple lightway solution to this by adding a grid, meaning you can configurate a grid where they will spawn if the location conditions and the probability condition matches. Look into the default config for structures in v7.2.7 for more info or the wiki:

    I know how to place then more random with certain space between them, I can implement that on request if it really means much to you.

    That is really good, good job man :)

    One of the configuration files is broken. I will make sure it then tells the file that is being corrupted and the location of it.
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  19. @minelazz Did I break the config file or is it something you can fix?