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Discussion in 'Resource Discussion' started by minelazz, Jun 11, 2015.

  1. Try to put fixflyingroots to false if it is set to true
  2. yeah we really need that, because i tried and i never manage to make a big island surrended by water, your help is needed xd

    i was trying some custom terrain (island one), and i finish making my own ice spikes, without any custom structures, wtf xD

    i think i'm wrong somewhere, its not an island xD

    with my cow on ice



    here you can see and island, but its always near another biome and not surrend by ocean (look the island on the left, the bottom its a savana biome)

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  3. It may not have been your intention, but those spikes could be the start to a nice new biome :p If you have played WoW, think about Blade's Edge Mountains.

    If you haven't played it, here's a picture:
  4. wow nice picture :) but i really need to understand how custom terrains works before doing that. Atm i change values and generate, and see if i have luck or not xD
  5. I'm at that stage too :p

    This is some freaky shit.
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  6. What are the names of all the EWG structures? My EWG files folder thing is empty when I try to look there and see. (EWG Ver. 7.2.8)
  7. How do I stop mushroom from genning in bedrock when its flat and at Y:1 >!?!?!?!?!?
  8. how do get more biomes??
  9. Make them.
    Or use the 3 or 4 that have been posted on the Minelazz's site.
  10. the structure names are listed on server start up, theyre not in the structure folder because theyre unfortunately hard coded into the plugin.
  11. At least you have some ocean.... I cant even get a semi-large ocean to be spawned.
  12. Is there any real beginner tutorial with updated configs? I've bought the plugin and I'm trying to set it up, generated my first world and now I'm going to edit the world-settings.json.

    So many options and I can't seem to figure out what each one does.
    Also another question, after generating the world and me changing the world settings, does this update the world automatically or how do you apply the new settings to the world?
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    You need to delete world files every time. See for more info

    They are not hard coded. I should probably make a command that list all the available structures. Think I am going to add a feature to spawn then by clicking on them in the list.

    What is the MC version you are using?
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    Try setting "forceBukkitGeneratorAPI" to false in the settings file. I think it is an issue with it, but not quite sure.
  15. I've already checked out the wiki and it's not clear enough for beginners how to use the plugin.

    ex: What is fastores? what is roughFading? That's not on the wiki nor on the config file commented.
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  16. 1.8.8
  17. minelazz


    That is option you do not need to worry about. Could you please point out what that does not make it "beginner" friendly. Me and @Kasra has recently been working on it.
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  18. if theyre not hard coded, where are the files located? because id like to edit them, ive looked inside the jar for them too.
  19. edit them ? i think you would better paste them then save them under another name, it would be faster
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    The aren't physical files, they received from a server when the server boot up to prevent users from messing with them.