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Discussion in 'Resource Discussion' started by minelazz, Jun 11, 2015.

  1. I have got them to spawn, but larger structures create very sharp edges when they spawn

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  2. @minelazz I remember a while back there were requests for this to be compatible with Thermos/Cauldron. Have you taken it into consideration anytime recently or plan to add support for it?

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  3. you need to make sure the option to replace air and the other options relating to that are set to false within the json format, i would also make the edge of your schematic more natural looking instead of being an area of flat grass surrounding it. when making the ewg schematic, do it in mid air so theres nothing in your way of defining it and trim off all that excess land.
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  4. Could you guys take a few minutes and show a few template configs with explanations? This plugin is great but the learning curve for beginners like me is really steep. Random question: "mineshaftChance": 0.01. Is it 0.01% or is it another way of saying 10%?

    What I mean for premade templates is because I just want a simple world and don't know what recommended default values are good.

    Also am I correct in saying that you set for example:

    "DESERT": {
    "enabled": true,
    "percentage": 0.125

    You have a 12.5% chance to get a DESERT biome and then within desert biomes for example "Mesa.json" You have "rarity": 1.0
    Does that mean you have a 12.5% chance to get a desert biome and within desert biomes you have a 100% chance to get a Mesa?
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  5. @minelazz is there a way that sponge block dont be replaced by air when we use them as custom structures ?
  6. i think 0.01 mean 1% for mineshaft, but i might be wrong because each options seems to be different (for example 4 means 1/4 in
    "waterLakeChance", 8, means 1 out of 8 in "dungeonChance etc

    for the BiomeType if you put 0.125 you have 12.5% chance to have a DESERT BiomeType ( but not
    necessarily a desert)

    for the Mesa i think its more complicated than that, i think it should depend from the "biomeTypeSize" option, because it include all the Desert biome for example, so if you have 4 DESERT biome of 1000 block and you have a "biomeTypeSize" set to 2000, even if all your biome are set to 1.0 in rarity, they wont spawn all, they will just have an egual chance to spawn. So if you will really want priority, i think you should put rarity like 1.0, 0.95, 0.90

    i don't think i'm clear, but english isn't my native language :p and i might be wrong, its just was i understood xd
  7. There is no trees.
  8. maybe more information ?
  9. What have I done wrong if no trees spawns?
  10. we need your plugin version, MC version, how you created the map etc
  11. Plugin version:
    MC Version 1.10
    How I created the map: Installed the plugin (I used my previus map with it, with the vanillia biomes)

    I see there is no custom trees in the settings folder in each biome.
    How can I fix them? Do I have to copy each biome customtree from the config:

    Or is there anyway I can paste in the full config ^^
    But if so, where? Since every biome has seperated configs.
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  12. V7 is not compatible with V6; if your previous map was made with V6, you have to make another one

    try to make a clean one and see if this still happen
  13. I just got the plugin.
    My map is from a full vanilla made world.

    And I really dont wanna reset my map :/
  14. Have you adventured into previously ungenerated terrain?

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  15. you can't use your previous map or the new chunk generation will really look weird
  16. The plugin works and it generates "EpicWorldGenerated" terrain.
    But no trees. And yes, the new terrain is only loaded on ungenerated chunks.
  17. Just to be sure the plugin is working correctly, you could make a backup of your current world, generate a complete new one to see if trees generate. Just to try and eliminate places where the issue may be.

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