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  1. I thought the max price of a plugin is
    • Maximum Price: $19.99
  2. I dont if there is a limit here on spigot, but considered on what the plugin does, its cheap.
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    Seems like a new rule. It is listed under "Resource Approval" so it might not apply to existing resources. Not quite sure yet how we will handle this.

    If it apply to this resource, then it is simply a dead end for this plugin.
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    I think a loophole might be splitting the plugin in different parts, but that will just get messy.
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  5. If this does apply would it also mean the end of development for your other plugins?

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  6. Im sure that EWG is worth way more than 20$
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    I think that is almost the definition of what I meant by a dead end. (Expect from ENG) :(:(
  8. Would you consider dropping TheUnderground to $20 to retain development or would that be too low?

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    It is actually already in mind when the new version of the plugin is getting out. Might not sounds logical, but increasing the user base is better to do when the plugin really works well.
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  10. There is.. or was not to long ago that converted binvox files to minecraft schematics and created actual items from large scale schematics... this plugin was released ... right off the rip.. at $60 US if I remember correctly.

    EDIT: Its called voxelvert and on sale its still 20 bucks ... its gone down in price since it was first released
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  11. So I tried the new 7.2.12 release on 1.10.2 PaperSpigot and everytime I try to generate a world it stops on (multiverse needed).


    Edit: In 7.2.9 I do not see this issue.

    Edit 2: It seems that 7.2.12 creates the world but fails to load it through Multiverse. Gonna see if manually loading the world fixes the issue.
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  12. So I bought this plugin a while ago and havent used it but I heard you can make it like factions friendly ? like right now so many ores and shit to op, how do we debuff this and I heard you can make it have a place for your servers spawn at 0, 0 if you do something ? please help
  13. So I'm trying to generate a world full of islands. I get great results when I adjust the sealevel to something like 82. The only problem is deserts all seem to be underwater. Is there a way I can 'amplify' desert biomes similar to how mesa biomes are?


  14. "baseHeight": controls the base height of the biome.... raising this will raise the entire biomes overall base height... I would suggest something like 5 blocks higher than you ocean level and tweak it from there to your liking
  15. the update notes have alot of info...

  16. Please keep posting update logs on spigot atleast So i know when an update is out, i dont have time to watch another website for updates.

    Suggestion also: Make it possible to register an account and add the info you need to download your copy of EWG, that was people can just login and download the latest version, not have to search through paypal every time an update is out.
  17. Is it possible to create world only with 1 type of biome?
  18. Yes, in world-config file just set the biome you want your world to be to 1.0 and disable the rest, or set them to 0.0
  19. I'm sorry , its probably a stupid question, but which world-config?
  20. Should be in the specific world folder.