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  1. Not sure i understand. If the world has a folder than it means it was already created.
  2. In the world folder there is a settings folder, if you edit the files in there so that only one biome spawns, then delete all the other folders except for the settings one it will be regenerated with only that one biome

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    Update on the download portal;
    • The webpage will now remember your login details after you logged in for the first time
    • The backend now compiles a universal jar for 1.7.10-1.10. (Only for v7.2.13 and higher)
    • Removed recaptcha if identity has been confirmed.

    >> The plugin can now be download without any extra click than clicking on the green button below. (Keep in mind it will require a login the first time, but it will remember you next time it give you an direct download. You can test this by clicking on it once again ;))

    Version: 7.2.13

    • Added support for 1.7.10-1.10

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  4. new version make my server crash :
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    Thanks for your report. Use the old version for then. (There is no changes for v1.10 between the versions)
  6. on spigot it states only major updates will be posted to your site, can we have a changelog?

    also is there any news on the request i made to generate custom terrain configuration based on sliders and a visual image of what the terrain might look like?
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  7. Would be nice to get changelogs on spigot so we know when to update.

    As for your request sadly I think its never gonna happen, too much work involved. Would be useful, but hard.
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    Like you may have noticed, every time there is actual changes to the plugin, it is getting posted as an update on spigot. v7.2.13 was an exception since it was no changes in the code, only changes in the backend that compile the code.

    It is a nice feature. It is not too hard to implement. I actually think it could have been implemented within 2 hours, as I already have an some thoughts about how I can implement this. The plugin is written quite modular, something that open up for expansions like this.

    Sadly, it will not be implemented. Due to lack of time, we are only fixing bugs and add small features.
  9. for me the plugin is near to be perfect for my use , the only thing i would suggest now :

    • add villager and all things like item_frame, vegetation etc to the custom structure
    • make a better transition between biome (for me river should be the transition if we put it to true) because some times the transition is really strange if we make custom biome
    • sort the biome list in alphabetical order when we use the /ewg tp command
    • make the sponge not to change in air when we want (for example) when we make a water temple
    lots of work i know :(

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    1. I guess you mean entity support? I am consider to add support for structures created by
    2. "for me river should be the transition if we put it to true". I guess you refer to the "river" biome found in the settings folder. It is just a fake biome used for internal usage in v6 and down. It will be removed in next update... Btw, there is no differens between custom biomes and default biomes, it is only how you configurate them.
    3. Sure, I will add it
    4. Sure, I guess the minecraft structures support that. But how are you going to place air blocks and void blocks? Sponge is sort of the less used block in minecraft.
  11. Bedrock?
    NoteBlock? (Not jukebox)
    CommandBlock? (Might be a bad idea though)
    Barrier? (Could conflict custom structures that have "off limits areas")

    Just throwing some blocks I don't see used too often.

    Or, you could give us the option to specifiy what block we want to use so everyone can decide themselves? If it needs to be changed temporarily, it can be. Could put it in EpicWorldGenerator/settings.json maybe?
  12. 1. great if it support villager, its just what we need :)
    2. i read some month ago that you said every biome was separated with a river and every river goes in a ocean. What i talk about transition, is that sometimes we have some mix of biomes as a transition between biomes, and biomes take the shape of other, for example if my desert biome is near a moutain, at the transition my desert will look like a moutain etc (and i would like to have a moutain and a desert separated by a river)... some pictures to show you what i mean, i'm not very comprehensible, maybe someone could explain it better than me xd if he understand what i mean

    in some case its good too have such transition, but in others, its so strange looking. But maybe its something you cant do anything, or i'm the only one complaining about xD



    3. Great
    4. SlayerMarth is right , or maybe just dissociate 19:0 for blocks and 19:1 for air if its possible
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  13. thats a shame, will you have time after you fix bugs etc? it will make custom terrain editing 100x easier.
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    minelazz updated EpicWorldGenerator [1.7.10-1.10] with a new update entry:

    Minor changes

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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    The plugin will be updated regularly with new features and bug fixes, but it will likely minor features.

    I will look into it, thanks for the feedback.
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    Both the hardcore faction config and vanilla enchanted contains this. Run /ewg createworld <name> and select one of the configs.

    You can also check out this
  17. When did the price change to $40? (If it was a while back.. damn.. Can't believe $40 for a plugin that is good for that is a lot..)
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    It is been like that the past 9 months.
  19. It is a nice plugin though :) Just something I wouldn't need as I don't own a server..