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Discussion in 'Resource Discussion' started by minelazz, Jun 11, 2015.

  1. check your worldsetting is set correctly (tundra 1.0) and not overwritten by the plugin, and it should work

    i use it on my test server, and never had problems ^^

    did you checked the wiki ?
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  2. @minelazz So, I have been having quite a few issues. 1)
    2) When trying to regenerate a world with example: multiverse, it deletes the entirety of the world folder so those changes disappear.
    3) After regenerating with multiverse, the biome files do not always recreate in the world folder. I did it right now and only received two biome files.
    4) Water/lava generation not filling the area that lava/water should be obviously in such as: stone forest and volcanic highlands
    5) Biomes boundaries not working properly with ewg tp. It doesn't always tp you to the biome or it will tp you to an incorrect biome.
  3. Can you use this with a world seed that you have ?
  4. minelazz


    It is safe as long as you do not switch EWG jar and then reload. Meaning if you update the plugin, please restart your server instead of reloading it.

    I will look into the issues, thank you for telling me.

    The plugin support seeds.
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  5. @minelazz open a survival server is about 4 hours, with 40 ~ 50 players, and wanted to know how to reduce the lag that the plugin is causing.

    The configuration of the plugin:
    "pluginVersion": "7.2.9",
    "useLavaOceans": false,
    "useFastOres": false,
    "useOpenSimplexNoise": false,
    "useFastRandomAlgorithm": true,
    "overrideSaplings": true,
    "roughFading": true,
    "flatBedrock": false,
    "seaLevel": 55,
    "bedrockLevel": 1,
    "maxCaveHeight": 120,
    "minCaveHeight": 8,
    "globalTreeModifier": 1.0,
    "mineshaftChance": 0.01,
    "biomeTypeSize": 800.0,
    "biomeSize": 600.0,
    "worldSize": -1,
    "worldCenterX": 0,
    "worldCenterZ": 0,
    "flatAreas": [
    "radius": 70,
    "xLocation": 0,
    "zLocation": 0,
    "baseLevel": 60,
    "outerRadius": 40
    "radius": 30,
    "xLocation": 1000,
    "zLocation": 2000,
    "baseLevel": 60,
    "outerRadius": 20
    "biomeTypes": {
    "DESERT": {
    "enabled": true,
    "percentage": 0.14285714285714285
    "AQUATIC": {
    "enabled": true,
    "percentage": 0.07142857142857142
    "GRASSLAND": {
    "enabled": true,
    "percentage": 0.2857142857142857
    "FOREST": {
    "enabled": true,
    "percentage": 0.5
    "TUNDRA": {
    "enabled": false,
    "percentage": 0.0
  6. Have you pre-generated the world?

    I think that'll help you out a fair bit.
  7. Is there a possibility mob-spawning is denied by EWG? All possible flaws have been checked, mobs won't spawn. Only thing I can think of now = EWG.

    Confirmed it was EWG. But to not totally blame EWG, I was still using 7.0.0 BETA.
    I've updated: fixeD!
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  8. @minelazz No problem, it just sucks because I have no idea how to edit the files of a world and have them take effect other than not generating the world until after the world files are changes, even then I dont know if that would work.
  9. Splazeing


    hi, is there an option to have only one or two biomes for the whole world?
  10. Hey!
    So I had this problem with hostile mobs in 7.0.0-beta version.
    I updated: fixed.

    But now, we have squids on land!?
    And this is no other plugin issue.
    fix ples. thnx <3
  11. Great.
    Used a version of the plugin that fckd mob spawning. Updated since thats what you do. Fucking world got corrupted FOR THE 15th TIME I use this plugin.
    Im done. kill me
  12. How do I configure the loot or simply remove the loot that spawns in the custom houses? The only loot i want is normal loot from mineshafts and normal loot from villages. I dont want the pyramids and jungle temples to have op loot either. Basically I want to remove the gold blocks and remove all the OP loot, what are the houses that randomly spawn called, and where can I configure them? I looked through the biomes folder and I am having trouble.

    If anyone would like to help me configure a world, that would be great, im trying to make a world for a survival Co OP server, I want it to be challenging, I love how the mountains look but i would like more flat land. If anyone has a premade settings for it id be glad to try them too.
  13. minelazz


    The will not get corrupted if you read the information before download. Beta versions was experimental versions not meant for public usage. The plugin does NOT mess with mob spawning, it works like a proxy that forward default values from the native biome names. (Even in v6)

    Check out chestconfig.json in the plugin folder to EWG. Check out structure objects here;
  14. I had a problem with mob spawning. Checked everything. Removed plugins one by one to check and see what the problem was: the ewg version I used.
    Now I updated it and the rendered chunks got messed up. So you can say whatever you want, but it IS ewg

    And read info: what info?
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  15. minelazz


    I know the beta version was wrong, since you I know that is one of the version you used, but it seems like you did not read this part of the update logs, it was pretty clear;
    • Should not be used on public servers yet.

    Some of the first beta versions of v7 did not had mob spawning implemented or it was quite limited. You got your chunks messed up because you did not read the information before updating.
  16. So.
    I update from an update that shouldn't be hete in the firstplace, it messed up the world...
    I had the world fully rendered. Pre-rendered chunks are now broken. How'd that happen?
  17. Hey , I want to know if there is we can setup a premade config files for each biomes before the world start to generate , like a things wich use this settings files for implementing when creating a world
  18. Splazeing