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Discussion in 'Resource Discussion' started by minelazz, Jun 11, 2015.

  1. Latest version is causing land-squids.
  2. yes, just disable the biome you don't want, and generate the world
  3. you can custom any biomes you want, but what config do you need ? i'm not sure to understand
  4. Version 7.2.15:

    - Squids are spawning on land.
    - There are NO sugercanes in the nature (over 9000 blocks distance: 0,0 sugarcanes)
    - Spiders are ignoring players in the latest version: aren't attacking when hurt.
    - Can't unload worlds with Multiverse on a server with EWG running
    - random gaps of 16x16 appearing
  5. never had this problem, and i created about 500 maps or more ... is it a new map or an old one ?
  6. @scabbed new map

    @minelazz I've managed to fix the world.
    Downloaded the world but without 90% of the region files.
    Started generating the world with the EWG version I previously loaded it with (7.0.0).
    It's the exact same world, but without the chunk glitches.

    I will render out this world, copy and paste it in my survival server but: this version has no mobs.
    HOW can I update the EWG using THIS world, without corrupting it again???
    This is the version that has the mob-spawning issues.

    Please explain what I need to do:
    - Start world
    - Pre-generate world and render chunks within worldborder
    (now,, I need to change EWG)
    - What I do to avoid corrupting the world again???
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  7. minelazz


    Generate the world with world border (/wb set <size> and then /wb fill). When all chunks are generated, upgrade to latest EWG version. Keep in mind that the plugin won't generate more chunks as far as the world border plugin is installed. You can not remove this plugin.

    TDLR; pre-generate and make sure no more chunks are generated. This can be controlled by using world border.
  8. minelazz


    I will look into it. I would like to add this is not something I have been told before or experienced before.
  9. loving the plugin works perfectly on my 1.10 factions world i also have a thermos server that i would love it in too however i know your not supporting thermos, or yet supporting thermos. I read that you where considering implementing it i was just wondering if that still stands or are you pulling all support of thermos servers either way still an amazing plugin thanks.
  10. Are you ever going to have a sale on this plugin? :^)
  11. md_5

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    Pursuant to the DRM information section in the resource guidelines,, this is official notice to adjust your DRM to not interfere with any aspect of the server outside of your plugin's functionality:
    You have 48 hours to comply with this or your resource will be removed.
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  12. I explain , im currently creating an UHC with this amazing generation but I have custom the ewg alot , 30 new structures , alot of ores ,etc ... But my UHC pl generate a normal ewg world so what I want to know is is there a way to pre generate a world with my customs ewg settings ?
  13. if you know the name of the world which is created when you make an uhc, just create a folder with that name on your FTP before and add your settings inside, it should work
  14. minelazz


    It will be removed.

    I also use System.exit another place when the plugin sends out a crash report. Is that allowed and if no, is bukkit.shutdown allowed?

    Anyways, an update will be out soon.
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  15. What is "System.exit"? Disabling my computer?!
  16. minelazz


    It will stop the java program, in this case, the spigot server.
  17. minelazz


    minelazz updated EpicWorldGenerator [1.7.10-1.10] with a new update entry:

    Support spigot DRM requirements

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  18. I'm disgusted.
    I've got many machines for my Servers and I've got many Survival Servers, I setuped the plugin in two of my Survival Servers, one is one machine, and the other Survival Server is in another machine, just one Server could be opened, the other said something about wrong license and that can not be ran in more than one machine.
  19. minelazz


    Your limit will be removed soon. Sorry about the issues you have faced.