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  1. If you look in the world folder it'll contain a settings folder where you can go thru the biomes that you are currently using. To remove one simply delete the config file of the biome you are not wanting. Then delete the region files in the world folder and regen your world :)
  2. everytime i create world with HeatPack, i find lacking of chunks.[​IMG]
  3. Ok, I seem to be doing something wrong. This is what I'm doing, 1. Create EWG world with MV. 2. Delete Biomes under the settings folder of the specific world. 3. Delete all regions. 4. Restart Server?
    When I restart the server all of the biomes are still there and the files I deleted come back.
  4. Try not deleting any default biomes, instead, go into their .json and put 'enabled' to false. It's the first line in each .json.

    Additionally, don't delete just the regions. Delete EVERYTHING in the world folder, except for the settings folder. (Which contains biomes and the ewg world file).
  5. So I got it work, but i realized there are still a bunch of trees and less land. I tried to change stuff up in the config but there were still a lot of bonsai trees for example. Also I was trying to remove the waterlakes from the plains, which didnt work. I tried removing waterlakes from other biomes to just in case, but no luck. Guess I'll just wait until 1.12 is out and try again. This is a vanilla enchanted world.

    EDIT: Compared to the "deafult ewg" configuration, the default is way more balanced with the trees. for example the bonsai tree's in vanilla enchanted are so much in quantity that there is no plains, but in the default it has a nice amount. Also in the plains in vanilla enchanted there were these huge waterlakes that i wasn't able to disable, but in the default configuration, there was way more land, and only small pools of water. Also there are these huge rectangular holes that go past bedrock in both configurations. I'm using spigot 1.11.2 btw.

    Some pics I took:
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  6. is this bungeecord only?
    or it works for everything?
  7. It works with all servers, as it is a generator...
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  9. @minelazz Hi, recently, the other owner of my server, @AndrewAubury bought your plugin for our server, however, after an amount of time, we get spammed with the license incorrect error. I try restarting, but that doesn't fix it. If you need our license number, I can supply it from previous logs. Here's some info if it's helpful at all,
    Java 8
    Pterodactyl Panel
    git-Spigot-3fb9445-2b6c9f4 (MC: 1.11.2) (Implementing API version 1.11.2-R0.1-SNAPSHOT)
    CoreProtect(2.13.2), LuckPerms(3.1.26), PlaceholderAPI(2.7.1), Multiverse-Core(2.5-b719), TARDISChunkGenerator(2.4.1), Arconix(1.0.14), FastAsyncWorldEdit(17.05.16-b870081-696-13.0.0), DeluxeMenus(1.8.0), EpicWorldGenerator(7.2.26), ConditionalCommands(1.2), LagMonitor(1.11.10), mcMMO(1.5.07-SNAPSHOT), ViaVersion(1.0.4), Multiverse-NetherPortals(2.4-b530), Vault(1.6.6-b${env.TRAVIS_BUILD_NUMBER}), BungeeTabListPlus(2.7.3), WorldEdit(Unknown), Essentials(2.0.1-b460), CompatNoCheatPlus(6.6.3-SNAPSHOT-sMD5NET-b87), Autorank(, ProtocolLib(4.2.1-SNAPSHOT-b345), WorldGuard(6.1.3-SNAPSHOT;c904242), NoCheatPlus(3.15.2-SNAPSHOT-sMD5NET-b1089), eZProtector(4.1.5), SuperVanish(5.8.4), EssentialsSpawn(2.0.1-b468), VentureChat(2.11.0), PNCP(1.5), EpicSpawners(2.3.5), TARDIS(3.6.2-b1543)
    Ubuntu 16.04 (afaik)
    MariaDB connections through docker network gateway,
    If you need any more info, let me know. I'm running 5 mc servers, a proxy, a webserver, mariadb server and mail server.
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    Please send me your server log, seems like the plugin has been used on more than 3 machines.
  11. Just sent a convo with a link to logs.
    EDIT: Also, it's only on the servers dedi. I have no idea how it could have been on multiple machines.
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    trying to use "hardcore factions" config gives me this

    Code (Text):
    [12:42:31 INFO]: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[ EWG error diagnostic ]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    [12:42:31 INFO]: We have detected critical issues with the current configuration.
    [12:42:31 INFO]: After running an analysis we detected that these changes will corrupt your world.
    [12:42:31 INFO]:
    [12:42:31 INFO]: World affected: factions
    [12:42:31 INFO]:
    [12:42:31 INFO]: We detected the following issue(s);
    [12:42:31 INFO]:
    [12:42:31 INFO]: Configuration issue(s);
    [12:42:31 INFO]:   File: ./factions/settings/world-settings.json
    [12:42:31 INFO]:   'useOpenSimplexNoise':
    [12:42:31 INFO]:    > Detected value: true
    [12:42:31 INFO]:    > Should be: false
    [12:42:31 INFO]:   'pluginVersion':
    [12:42:31 INFO]:    > Detected value: 70.0
    [12:42:31 INFO]:    > Should be: 7.2.28
    [12:42:31 INFO]:
    [12:42:31 INFO]:
    [12:42:31 INFO]:
    [12:42:31 INFO]:
  13. Support? For what I need the "biomeColor"?
  14. Does anyone know how to stop the desert pyramids from spawning? I see the file in EWG schematics but when I delete it, it comes back on server start up. I dont want desert temples to come in and the structures in server are set to false
  15. Kainzo, go to the affected world folder -> settings -> biomes.
    Open the biome you wish to remove the pyramids in and either turn structures of completely or remove the pyramid from the list of used structures.

    The reason you didn't find this yourself is because you were probably poking around in your plugin/epicworldgenerator folder instead of in the world folder itself.
  16. Either use the answer above or try stopping the server complete editing the file(s) and then starting it up again.
  17. @minelazz Is it possible to disable all of the default custom biomes for this plugin and create biomes similar to this picture?

    Also if it is possible, how difficult would it be? I'm basically looking for a plugin that allows you to switch mushroom blocks to green stained glass, and things like that. So it looks the same as Vanilla minecraft but with different blocks instead.
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    Umm, should be gone if you re-login.
    I am aware. It is possible to change in world-settings.json. I will try to fix this in the next major version of the plugin.

    Not yet, v8.0 will might do that. It is under development, but so far, our test have failed. The plugin gets a bit too "creative" when converting the 2D data in an image to a 3D world.

    I will look into it, which mc version are you using?

    I will look into the holes problem.

    Check out for config guides.

    Sorry about that. Simply just fix the issues listed and you are good to go.

    (Open ./factions/settings/world-settings.json and edit the two options listed above)

    Correct, actually the current version support rendring of world from image, but it kinda did not worked out perfectly. We are trying our best to implement this feature without breaking our existing algorithms. We might manage to implement it in v8

    See, you need to delete it from "customStructures"
  19. minelazz


    It is possible. I would say it is easy for me, but hard for you as there is a lot of things that need to be understood to be able to make EWG do that.

    Check out to check out how hard/easy it is.
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