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  1. Hello! I am trying to use Islandcraft with EWG which is said to be supported. My server is 1.12.2 Spigot Buildtools: 70 and I'm using the latest version of Islandcraft, version 1.0.8 for 1.12.2 and EWG version 7.2.30. I have successfully made the world spawn normal vanilla biomes as Islands without EWG installed but when I install EWG, it completely takes over terrain generation and spawns like a normal world without Islandcraft. How do I make EWG generate the biomes like islands?

    Note: I tried using the latest version of EWG (version 8.0.0 pre-release 2) but that just made my entire server crash with this log:

    Thanks in advance.
  2. You cant use a v7 world on a v8 engine yet..
  3. The version 8 EWG is just crashing with version 1.0.8 Islandcraft without a world even existing. There is no world. I removed the world files and the version 7 EWG plugin but when I replace it with version 8, the entire server just crashes.

    When I said that I tried using version 8 EWG, I meant that I tried generating a new world with Islandcraft and EWG version 8 but that didn't work. It's just for people who say my problem is to update to the latest version of EWG but that won't fix my problem since it just crashes the server.
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  4. Can anyone help??
  5. There never and will never be any sales on this plugin. Sorry.
  6. Will there ever be an EpicEndGenerator?
  7. [​IMG] [​IMG]
    l'm using /ewg createworld [world] to create world or /mv create [world] normal -g generator will like the pictures
    Buy only use /mv create [world] normal will have no wrong
    Why is that so?
  8. Pls add a better posibility to create island-worlds, I'm working since some hours on that and cant handle it...
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  9. Question, What Ever Did happen to "The Underground"? Well nvm that, anyone remember the Digging machine? I liked that.
  10. The Underground was abandond ironically. minelazz is bringing it back next year I believe in a recode though so. :p
  11. Great.. He should make the Mining Machine Separate. I like how the machine looks like and how it works, what if you purchased it before? you have to purchase it again?
  12. So what pre-release of V.8 Doesn't have the random generating chunk problems?
  13. Whenever I try to put grass lands to 50% and forest to a lower percentage in the world settings. and then i start up with world import it and all that, forests then becomes 50% and grasslands become 25% how come??
  14. @minelazz when the release will come out? i am delaying the factions reset from 5 month... ç_ç
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  15. In the description is says there is a web panel to configure plugins, how do you get to that?
  16. anyone that can help??
  17. How find list of trees? I want to paste some of them