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Discussion in 'Resource Discussion' started by minelazz, Jun 11, 2015.

  1. The same problem sometimes causes WorldGuard. Or any other action forcing to load the chunk.
    Here is an example -

    PaperSpigot 1.8.8
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  2. A okay and are you using the good version ewg for 1.8?
  3. 7.2.29
  4. A okey it could be that version only supports spigot. I would try it out tonight let you know
  5. did you find any solution for this? I'm having the same problem.
  6. I'm using the Epic World Generator plugin and I'm trying to enter the world I just created but it gives me the "bad packet id 27" error. If i remove both the world and the plugin it works just fine but I spent 40 damn euros on this and I would like it to work properly

    Please help
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  7. Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:
  8. Any chance of this happening soonish? :)
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  9. I am working on it
  10. Hello @minelazz

    I just bought the plugin and I'm disappointed for its price, considering the current problems.

    We really need an update for the problem of caves/structures that are not generated.
    Also, we absolutely need the support of PaperSpigot 1.13.2 (it does not work now), because Spigot is really buggy/slow.

    I hope we are going to have something quickly because it is unusable for survival or elsewhere.

    Thank you!
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  11. Couldn’t agree with you more, please add support to cave integrations within the generation of the map, it’s a bit redicilous we have to ask for this kind of support, considering caves and mining are one of the core components to the game in general.

    This is just constructive criticism, but it really is quite annoying when you buy something that can’t be used because of the little things that it lacks.

    I hope to see an update in future too to fix this.

    Worst case scenario, please generate default caves.

    Thanks for your hard work nevertheless!..
  12. Not to be rude but you should have read the discussion and reviews before buying. This has been going on for a full year, literally so this is entirely your fault that you expected a working plugin when this has been happening for so long.
  13. I just tested it with EWG version 7.2.29.
    for me it works well with:

    and java 8 64bit.

    the paperpigot version I used can be found on this link

    and sorry for the late response, the last few days were busy.

    if you have any more questions, feel free to ask them here or at Discord Mahaisch#5851

  14. EWG Version 8.0.2

    works very well on paperspigot.

    also indicated this on the new version.

    Important note: does not support upgrading from EWG 8.0. *, Only Spigot supported. PaperSpigot not supported. Will be supported later again.

    so for the paper spigot servers have to wait a while for a new update :)
  15. ...what‽ Clarification, please?
  16. I am curious as to why a giant spruce taiga biome is spawning with the latest version of this plugin. I also saw a normal dark oak forest spawn as well.

  17. better explained. Epic world Generator Version 8.0.2 works very well with spigot and paper.
    With the Newest version 8.1.0 only spigot der works but support for paper will also be included in the next update.

    Version 8.1.0 currently has a bit of an error, there will be no caves.

    Currently, the best version to use on is 8.0.2 :p
  18. I should mention that, when I used version 8.1.0 or below, the generation seemed to be broken and vanilla biomes seemed to replace some of the biomes provided by this plugin. I tested it on both Spigot and Paper Spigot for versions 1.13.2.
  19. Hello everyone!
    I just want to hear if im the only one who is having problems with leaves not decaying after chopping down a tree?
    If not, do you know what im doing wrong?
    I changed the useNativeStructures parameter to true so that the trees are normal. Possible configuration changes result in an error.
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