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Discussion in 'Resource Discussion' started by minelazz, Jun 11, 2015.

  1. Fully working EWG, then ENG, THEN consider an end generator
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  2. Though I know minelazz was working on a newer version of The Underground so that'd probably happen before an End Generator is even considered.
  3. Is there any progress on this plugin? Its been a month since the last update.
  4. [​IMG]
  5. The website is a complete bust.... I've tried to edit my world 3 times and always get
    "No Data"
    I try to register to the site and i get a "Debug, reload page" then try to register again and it says the email is now taken...
    so i try recovery password and it just says "Oops! something went wrong"

    Its nice that you decided to make it impossible to edit biome configs with these problems..
  6. Im curious about this Minelazz.
    When I offered to help out with the plugin, your reply to me was:
    Hey! I understand. Currently, it is no, but I thinking about ways to make it possible. Maybe make parts of the repo open for you and Jake, not sure yet. It is a process I will need to think about. Hope you understand
    "" (via Discord - dated July 11th)

    From what I have seen Jake say, he has not yet been added to your repo either.
    You've told the community you have expanded the number of developers but ... have you?
    It's been just over 1 month since your last update!

    More time yet still no regular updates?

    I'll be honest, I'm not surprised. These quotes are from your post on Aug 24th, the last update was Aug 28th.
    *queue the tumble weed blowing across the land*

    It's Oct 3rd.
    As I stated in reply to that post, we keep getting this "Things are going to change" speeches, then we wait months in between for your next speech.

    I paid $40 for this plugin. 3700+ other users paid this price (or something similar) ... I think at this point, we deserve some truth, because I for one am not falling for it.
    You state more devs on your team, yet no one has seen proof of this. The fact that you turned myself down, and Jake at the time, makes me think, who exactly are you adding to the team? Or is this just another "speech" you're feeding the community to give the impression the project is being worked on?
    Your new issue tracker on GitHub (im assuming you created this because your BitBucket issue tracker was full of 200+ issues that never got responded to nor resolved) has 9 open issues. Most of which do not have a reply, and obviously not a resolution. You only have 3 closed issues.

    Rather than the BS you're feeding this community, how about you show us some respect and actually show us some proof of some work being done.

    I know you might be thinking I'm being crass, but in all fairness, you have made a LOT of money off this community, we deserve to have some respect shown to us.
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  7. I'm pretty pissed off myself about the lack of actual fixes to long standing issues. Now structures have been taken away from generation, which means no custom trees, no custom random buildings, nothing. What's the point of a worldgen that just makes a whole lot of barren land? Biome generation is unreliable (Warm Beach isn't even recognized, and won't load, but there's no indication as to why). Aquatic biomes hang up on world injection prep (and for some reason, Dark Forest does this too) if they're the only one's set to generate. Why would I do this? Because I'm trying to narrow down where the plugin is having a stroke. It's time for a serious overhaul of EWG, this community needs solutions, not promises.
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  8. Can anybody give me a list of current issues with this plugin so I know what I'm getting into? Is it fine for the most part or are there big things like caves or config settings that aren't working?
  9. No structures generate in the world. That means no EWG trees, or custom EWG schematic structures. Some biomes are having issues, older custom biome configurations are inexplicably broken. Take a look at the bitbucket issue tracker for a list of everything the devs have not responded to, it's a lot. Works reasonably fine in the last 1.13 version (still with some issues, but at least everything generates), but you're shit outta luck in 1.14.
  10. Do you have any recommendations for a 1.14 world generator? I'm fine with pre generating in Forge, Fabirc or wherever as long as it includes 1.14 villages, terrain, etc. If I have no other option I can use a world from an older version but that's a worst-case scenario.
  11. Caves were never fixed for 1.13, right?
  12. I mean I had caves on my server, that wasn't really an issue. Maybe there were some special caves that EWG was supposed to generate, but I was not privy to that. They were basically vanilla caves. At least they generated at all.
  13. Mojang changed up how structures generate. They used to generate AFTER the world, as in they would populate last. I'm not sure if that's part of the issue, but that's also why I can't use worldpainter.
  14. Hello ! I have a problem here. Idk if it's paypal, spigot or just the link. I can't buy the plugin. When i got the redirection to paypal, here is the error message : The system is not working at this time. Try again later.

    Have you any idea ? Can i buy it accross paypal ? please tell me asap, it's important.

  15. md_5 disabled the ability to buy the plugin
  16. Erf... have we a date when he will enable the ability to buy the plugin ? I need it asap :(
  17. Nope
  18. I don't think you've really been paying attention to why.
  19. Just use RealisticWorldGenerator or use OTG with a world pack.

    EDIT: if you want a custom world I can help you, dm me about it.
  20. I have a question for you. Is the plugin worth buying?