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  1. i did that but can i choose different types of world generation there? such as factions or other presets
  2. How exactly do you format the worlds with default generation part of the settings file?
    I don't want to install the plugin without first blacklisting my other worlds for fear of corrupting them. I tried using the
    format that it shows. I also tried removing quotations and such and every time it reads the settings file incorrectly, EWG crashes, and my server fails to start.
    I'm no expert at reading/writing plugin code so it isn't very clear to me how it wants the world names listed.
  3. Is it possible for my technical advisor to get information from you on your discord?
    I bought the plugin for our Kids Network, but he does everything technical for us (with Server an Plugins).
  4. @minelazz I am considering the purchase. But could you regenerate the world on your test server? Lots of chunks seem to still get generated by the default generator, and it doesnt showcase any of the Aquatic features.

    Thanks! :)
  5. it really depends on what version you use. Some people are having issues. But I’ll look if I can make a world for you today.
  6. Yes thats totally possible, as long as you verify your account then you can add him the roles as representative.
  7. Im on 1.15.1. Thanks! :)
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  8. Hi,
    Quick question ... Is EWG (last version = v8) generating shiprecks ? I fail to see any ...
  9. Still no official support for 1.15.2 Oooof...
    Last updated over a month ago, seems like minelazz lost interest again :,)
  10. update to 1.15.2, I beg you !
  11. Hello, I am the developer of the plugin oraxen which allows to create custom blocks (using mushroom_stew blocks). I read this tutorial: but I can't find a way to use mushroom_stew blocks as ores, could you help me a little bit? I need to be able to chose which faces should be enabled or disabled. :)
  12. Hello, I bought this plug-in but still can't download it What should I do?
  13. my friend had this plugin, i want to buy it but we cant generate worlds from image.
    any chance it was chance in the new version?
    cuz trying /mv import <worldname> normal -> doesn't work on an empty folder world that has the settings and the map.png inside.
    it says .dat is missing...
    so we tried to create with new world with MV (a normal world which hook to EWG by default) and then removing all all the files beside the settings folder (the map.png inside) and the .dat file.
    still generate the old seed map it has.

    how it is possible to generate a world base on an image?
    the site here doesn't specific any thing and we did try any way possible we can think.

    also updating to 1.15.2 would be epic! hope u guys can help me with that i really want to buy the plugin for my server.
  14. Read the plugin page, fairly sure this feature is "coming soon".
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  16. Hello, author, why can't I download it after I buy it?
  17. Hello, I used your latest version of plugin. After installing it into the server, the plugin destroyed my previous map. It seems that the original terrain loader has also become the plugin terrain
    Then I went to other websites and said that the forcebukkitgenerator API of settings.yml needs to be set to true, but the new plugin does not have this item
  18. 1.15 not working settings.json not generating.

    tested with both 1.15 and 1.15.1

    please make an update when you fix it.

    edit: 1.14 not working too wtf ?
  19. 谢谢。我希望它将尽快更新