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  1. The update log of 7.30.0 says:

    Code (Text):
    1.12.2 support

    WARNING! Installing this version on a v8 generated world will create irreparable damage to your server. Not tested enough, released due to high demand. Backup before installing
    Version 7.2.30, support for 1.12.2, might be unstable. Needs more testing.
    Removed biome IDs, could potentially create some issues.
    Require new version of EpicNetherGenerator (1.0.6 , v7 edition)
    That it might be unstable? Do you use this version with 1.12.2? Does it work without problems, Errors?
  2. As far as I know it's the only version that works on 1.12.
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    In the world settings, check out



    Decrease ocean modifier to make them more rare
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    The new features in beta 6 took A LOT of time to implement. The beta of EWG is currently a mess and we hope to get out of it soon. Sadly, the beta contains a lot of huge issues that need to be resolved, something that can be tricky to do.

    I do not recommend anyone to wait on version 8 of EWG. I guess we are close to release now and hope to get quick feedback on the beta 6.
  6. How can i customize the biomes distribution ??:)
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    /ewg edit <world name>

    Then open the link and for each biome, change the biome type. You can also modify how rare a biome should be.

    You can also paint the biome distribution by hand if you want it to be perfect.
  8. Paint the biome distribution ?! sounds great.. any tutorials?

    Recieved this error while worldfilling. Ive ensured I have both the most recent version of both plugins.

    Ideas on the issue?
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    I guess the ocean temples could be hard to fix, I think they are like that in vanilla also?

    Would you mind to give me the seed of the world? Some bugs might be rather complicated to understand. They might be generated based on multiple factors.
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    That's beta 5. Upgrade to beta 6. If you still have the issue, report it back with the new error log.
  12. Any tutorials for " paint the biome distribution by hand" ??
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    Not yet. The feature I am talking about is basically doing this; (real world map vs generated in-game)

    Each biome has its own colors (biomeColors). Create an image with different biomes (like in this world map: Then for each biome, give them a color that represents their part of the map. Eg, winter biome should be white, maybe ice color also. Then place the map in the world folder then settings folder named map.png (<world folder>/settings/map.png) and the plugin will do the reset. The image is one to one, meaning 1px = 1 block.

    Good luck ;)
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    Read more about it at the bottom here, with some images on how cool it looks in-game.
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  16. 602487108019351312 is the seed, coords are in each screen

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