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Discussion in 'Resource Discussion' started by minelazz, Jun 11, 2015.

  1. That's fine with me too. Whichever is convenient for you :D
  2. If you have your own biomes then you can send me. Just send me a PM. If you want presets from other creators then show me which you want.
    Send me the link of the Forum. :D
  3. Yes, please. I am needing the custom biomes from this link:
    I only need the following:
    • Arch Biome
    • Swamp Biome
    • Cold Taiga
    • Redwood Taiga
    • Fantasy
    • Corrupted Forest
    If you are able to do this, it'd be a great help. Thank you in advance! :D
  4. Okay, give me some minutes. Ah, Fantasy is still buggy. One structure is broken [Error: OutofRange]. I can remove the structure if you want. I've disabled it and wait for a fix. :)
  5. Feel free to remove the structure if this is causing issues. Thank you! :)
  6. Send you a PM :)
  7. Is it possible to make a world with a specific seed in v7?
  8. Can i just do /ewg createworld worldname -s 4543456435 ?
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  9. You need Multiverse to create multiple worlds.
    Then you must type: /mv create WORLDNAME NORMAL/NETHER/ENDER -g EpicWorldGenerator
  10. Ah but im also importing the world with the biomes i want. It's allright if it doesnt work, ill just make a new world.
  11. nice map man :)

    would you be able to send me the ice/snow biome files that you have for 8.X.X :D
  12. You seem to have a lot of corrupt chunks :(
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  13. this are only none rendered chunks. I always can rerender with worldborder to close this chunks. :D Idk why this happen but it's easy to fix :D
  14. @minelazz
    I'm having some issues with loot tables for the chest spawned in structures.
    Following the default config, I created my own in the style of the default config, but something is wrong with the spawn chance of items.
    From the default config, I assumed that the number behind the item is the chance to spawn from 0.0 to 1.0, but an itme iwth 0.8 doesn't even spawn in half of the chests.
    How exactly does the spawn chance work there?
  15. did you rewrite plugin?
    it was 3.8 mb before :)
  16. Do you mean version 8? Yes thats a rewrite.

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