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  1. Thats all great, but v7 as far as I understood will not be compatible with 1.13 worlds. I don't want to restart my map or increase the border after 1.13 release.

    Author notes that the Pre4 is not meant for live use. I would be happy to use the beta if it was stable enough to run live :) (Pre rendered world)
  2. how do you disable the custom trees
    a guy on my server just placed it in his base and it messed it up and its so funny but i need to disable it
  3. Theres a line in settings somewhere. I cant remember the exact name but look for Overwrite Saplings or Anything to do with Saplings.
  4. Hey
    I tried to make a world with just a couple of biomes however when the world was created it had all the biomes.
    I followed the wiki instructions can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?
  5. When will v8 be released it has been a long time..
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  6. Some config files might be useful.
  7. Uh, on the latest update, its like this all over the world.
  8. Yes indeed and that why I asked for next update I feel like the dev is one very inactive or he is working on a secret project. Maybe EpicEndGenerator?
  9. Hi,

    Did you check the RAM usage on your server? I have only had this problem with missing/bad chunks when my server ran out of allocated RAM duing running a fill world with the WorldBorder plugin.
  10. y...yeah...
  11. I would like to know if v7.2.30 will be compatible with mc 1.13. I’ve been reading up and people have mentioned that v7 won’t work with anything newer. Would I be able to upgrade my world from 7 to 8, without issue?
  12. How can i force the trees to override the saplings when i plant them.

    Always the block is missing where the sapling was

    I tried to use "overrideExsistingBlocks": true,
    but its not taking any effect on saplings
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  13. @minelazz you are gonna to release or not? My players are starting to getting angry for waitng the new factions.
  14. minelazz


    Hmm. The latest version of 8.0.0? What version of spigot do you use, spigot, paperspigot etc?

    I recommend you to upgrade to EWG 8 once 1.13 is out. We will try to add the new terrain features as soon we can.

    I will check it out

    We will try our best to get v8 supporting v7 worlds before the 1.13 release ( i know, it is almost out now)

    We have just been busy lately...
  15. minelazz


    In version 8, version 7 worlds will be supported by porting the world over to the v8 world. We are also making it possible to port a v6 and even a v1 world. It is actually possible to take an arbitrary existing world, as long as the world is supported in Spigot, and convert it to version 8. This means you can take a world generated with a different generator then EWG, like the vanilla world generator, and extend the world with EWG.

    We match biomes based on a 3D analysis of the landscape and a biome map. The plugin will then generate a smooth transition to a new biome. The new biome will be the same if EWG contains it. If not, we will find the best biome candidate.

    Here is a quick preview of a very work in progress (WIP) demo, where we extend a vanilla world with EWG (with a different biome "best candidate"):


    But, it still needs some improvements,
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  16. i i w meaning for 1.8.9 version
  17. EECECB38-B19C-4298-8036-C9CA046D3FCE.jpeg
    I think you need to use version 7.
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    Support for 1.8.9 is just around the corner!

    Finished the last feature for version 8.0.0, generator switcher. On the pictures below, on around half of the image, the world has been generated with vanilla Minecraft without EWG installed. The other half have EWG generated without any user interaction at all (autodetect, plug and play). EWG has created a landscape that looks like the old one and tries to find biomes that fit the landscape. This makes it possible to port any world to version 8.0.0, without resetting the world or get nasty borders! The rest of the world will be generated using EWG v8.0.0 generator!

    TDLR; EWG release version of 8.0.0 is just around the corner.

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  19. @minelazz Will you also include custom villages in v8 as the vanilla ones look ugly compared to the beautiful nature.
  20. Latest version of spigot and EWG

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