Premium Epidemic [Paid]

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    Epidemic - Bringing real survival to your server

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  2. Looks very cool
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  3. Seems promising! Epidemics are a troublemaker for sure
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  4. May be, but where are pictures + videos + test server and so on... It is a premium plugin, so all must be done for buyer's comfort)))
  5. Some videos are posted now, I'll be adding more soon. Was just waiting on the plugin being approved.

    Epidemic will be running on Brave New World soon, I'll post the link when it's up and running (again, was waiting on bring approved before going live)
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    Numerous changes

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  7. Looking for 1-2 server owner or admins who'd like to try Epidemic on their server.

    Server must be active and have multiple active players.
    Must be willing to provide detailed feedback/suggestions

    Please send me a message for details
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  8. Create your own server for this)) Others can close in a bad time when a buyer will have a wish to buy your plugin ;)
    + Users usually want 1 plugin to be installed on the test server and a book with well written instructions in their inventory on join. Thanks ;)
  9. I have it running on my own (whitelisted) server and it'll be live on a public server I use soon. However, offering a free copy to someone who might be interested in purchasing it anyway in exchange for some honest feedback isn't necessarily a bad thing I think.

    The kind of feedback I'm looking for includes ease of setup, use, configuration etc. None of that is really feasible using the developers server.
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  10. Thanks for adding the recipe menu. Once again your are awesome.
  11. are you able to add a bypass for my mods when they go into duty/creative to help players. Thanks
  12. Seems even having the perm off for death..your broken leg gets fixed. Just something to look into. As well looking forward to an immunity option. Although having a complete immunity would be foolish lol. Just enough to tease. Keep up the good work. Our server is loving it.
  13. Is it possible you could add a disease cool down option, as well as a newbie player option to have a immunity option for a set amount of ticks.
  14. Version covers this!
  15. I'll definitely look into this, watch this space
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