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  1. @torpkev Nice plugin so far, but I have suggestions and have found a bug.

    - Using /infect on another player sends that player a message saying "[Epidemic] You do not have permission to use that command"
    - The /health menu could use some changing to make it easier to read
    - Operators should have all permissions by default
    - The GUIs showing each cure should have a back button to return you to cures list menu, as opposed to having to close the menu entirely

    Looking forward to seeing how this plugin develops.
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  2. Thanks, for the info and the purchase. I'll check into all of those and post an update in the next day or two.
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  3. Hey - just a quick update. I'm just about to push out an update to which addresses some of your issues.

    - /infect now messages the person who runs the command rather than the person it is being sent to
    - /infect will now give you a heads up if you can't infect them due to permissions or them being in op
    - /infect will now let you know if you have successfully infected someone
    - Op should have all perms by default, that is a minecraft thing rather than a plugin thing (and works on this end) - can you give me an example of where it isn't working for you?
    - Anyone with epidemic.admin now has all permissions by default with the exception of epidemic.invincible, which would stop them ever getting sick
    - The Cure ingredients list GUI now has a back button to take you back to the Cures list
    - I haven't made any changes to /health just yet as I'm adding a bunch of new features that will really expand on that, and will likely go to a GUI rather than a chat window message

    Thanks again for your purchase and the list of issues - if you find any more, please let me know and I'll work through them.
  4. torpkev updated Epidemic [50% sale until the snow stops!] with a new update entry:

    Fixes to permissions, /infect and new back button on cures

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  5. Just wanted to run a little poll here for an idea for Epidemic.

    For those of you who use Domain (for those of you who don't.. check it out:, you're familiar with the /domain bypass command which allows you to bypass any protection fields. However, even if you have the domain.bypass permission, you still have to put yourself into bypass mode in order for it to take effect.

    That allows mods to play as normal, but activate their bypass when needed, but also gives a visual that they're in bypass mode (anyone in bypass mode can see everyone else in bypass mode for transparency)

    2019-03-06 11_31_25-Window.png

    I'm considering adding something similar to Epidemic. The thought would be that nobody is automatically immune to illness even if they're in OP. Instead, they'll have access to the /epidemic bypass mode - when active, they won't get sick or show symptoms, but only while in bypass mode.

  6. Can you make the bottles stackable
  7. Thanks for the suggestion. It'd be a nice feature for sure, however, it gets a little complicated because I believe I'd have to handle the inventory click events. I'm going to go ahead and add it to the to-do list, but it'll likely fall behind some of the bigger ticket items just now (immunity, vaccinations, poisoned arrows and splash potions).
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  8. Is there -- or if not, would you be willing to add -- per-world permissions for diseases? For example, I'd like to create a "Lunar Plague" that one can only contract on Moon worlds within Multiverse.
  9. That is a great suggestion, thanks. It should (famous last words) be pretty easy to implement a world lookup. let me take a look through the code tomorrow and get back to you.
  10. Hell yeah, thanks a lot!
    Second question: my server uses levelhearts, and new players only have three hearts when they join the server. Can I set the damage and infected_damage values to decimals? If not, I'd like to request that.
  11. It would be a good idea. If you can make it top right justified as your Domain plugin has this option and they may overwrite each other
  12. That may be workable too.. I'll look into it and let you know
  13. You rock man, thanks for at least checking it out.
  14. torpkev updated Epidemic [50% sale until the snow stops!] with a new update entry:

    World prevent added | Bypass mode added

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  15. Just a quick heads up - this feature has been added in the latest version - If you run into any issues with it,please shoot me a message and I'll help asap.

    Still looking into your second request, will get back to you soon on that!
  16. Hey there. Been keeping an eye on this plugin. I'm specifically interested in the addition of the thirst mechanic. That wouldn't happen to be coming sooner rather than later would it?
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  17. Hi there - thanks for your interest.

    Thirst is one of the high priority updates on the list, behind immunity & vaccinations (which are being actively worked on). I can't promise an exact release date, but I would expect it in the near future.

    And whether you take the plunge with Epidemic or not, I'd love to hear any suggestions you might have regarding the thirst dynamic.
  18. @torpkev So hey, I use "Advanced Achievements" on my server, which -- among other things -- explodes a firework at the player's location upon getting an achievement. Problem is, this is read by Epidemic as a legit explosion, and causes a broken leg, burn, or wound! I've disabled caused_by_explosion in all the ailments files, so it's working for now, but just wanted to bring this to your attention.
  19. Thanks for the update.. not sure I'll be able to tell the difference between a real explosion and a created one like that, but I'll look into it if I can. Is that a free or premium plugin?