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  1. It's a freebie. What if you just made a distinction between fireworks and other types of explosions?
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  3. Hey there - Just a quick heads up that Thirst has been added - it is fairly bare-bones right now, but I'll be adding new features in soon.
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  4. Thats great. Thanks for letting me know. I meant to respond to your first message but I procrastinated till I forgot. Hah. Anyway, I'll go ahead and get the plugin and if I have any ideas I'll send them your way. Cheers.
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  5. No problem, and thanks for the purchase. Happy to look over any ideas you have!
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    Thirst Modifications

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  7. Hey there. So my first requests for thirst (based on your latest update) would be to have an option to have it on permanently and in all biomes no matter if its raining or not. I'm running this on an RPG server with acid rain and water so the players need to be losing thirst at all times or it doesn't make sense. Would also be great to have a secondary item that can cleanse water as well. Some kind of water purification pill or tablet. Thoughts?
  8. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll make the on/off in rain a config entry, that way you can leave it whatever way you want. You can have it in all worlds no problem though, just leave the world list blank. And it should be working in all biomes, just gets the boost in nether, jungle and desert.. but again, perhaps letting the config drive that would be the best approach. If it isn't working for you in a particular biome, let me know!

    I can definitely add a water purification tablet too. Let me know if you have thoughts on a default recipe. I'm thinking something with charcoal, but I'll have a better idea when I'm at my computer. I'll probably make that a config thing too though at some point soon.

    Thanks again for the suggestions, keep them coming!
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  9. Hmm so they are white and effervescent tabs (like Alka-Seltzer) so I would use something like bone meal, clay and even prismarine shards. One more thing, would be great to have a list of food that reduced your thirst when eating like bread and cookies with different levels of thirst reduction.
  10. Yo, reloading doesn't work... the reload command says 'Reloading configuration' and then the settings don't update till i restart the server.
    If i reload the server (/reload) it duplicates the thirst bossbar...
  11. Thanks for letting me know. I'm updating code to make it 1.14 compatible now, so I'll fix whatever that issue is while I'm in there. I'll post here once I have some progress made.
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  12. Also, about the lang file... several things aren't configurable, such as the message prefix and color codes... could we use our own custom color code symbol? such as '%' or '&' having to type out #COLOR.BLUE# is insanely long especially for switching multiple colors & styles in one message. And additionally the cures Gui title isn't changeable...
    Just some thoughts if you wanted to add more customizability ;p
  13. I agree - I was trying to stay away from symbols and keep things a bit easier to read, but can definitely see that it might get a bit wordy. I likely won't make that change immediately as I have some bigger fixes to put in, but I'll definitely put it on the to-do list.

    I'll check on that cures GUI thing - they should all be in the language file, but should be a quick fix if i've missed one!

    Thanks for the feedback!
  14. This looks good, however there still remains a ton of potential, please keep updating it and make it great ;) !

    -The features in your list, they are pretty good, specially exhaustion could be real nice, specially if well implemented during combat!
    -Another suggestion i'd make is weight, it could make you fall down faster when using an elytra, get extra damage from gravity, and be unable to swim.
    -Also, insanity would be pretty nice, you could randomly panick when you are arround too many mobs, see another friendly mob or player die, or when your hp drops really suddenly. You could also slowly loose sanity when you stay in the dark, hear mobs sounds, or stay with low hearts.

    -Toxicity: There could be some configurable blocks that generate toxic smokes/radiation which damage you (and give other effects) if you are too close for too long and don't have the proper protection, another cool effect would be radiation permanently reducing your max hearts unless you cure it with some rare mineral/potion, and maybe your overall health increasing to 12 hearts if all your survival parameters are ideal.

    -Asphixiation: You could also 'asphixiate' from being continously in places with low oxygen (ex close to a fire in a close place), close to diamond level, or too high up in the sky.

    -Other than that some more additions i could think off are:
    *armor loosing efectivity when it looses durability,
    *Getting thrown to the floor when explosions happen (similar to the bug used to sneak in minecraft 1.14 by standign below a trapdoor), dropping your weapons when you get blown, and having a chance of the helm being removed upon that.
    *Lower health could cause you to slow down, and there could be an adrenaline inyection to help prevent some of the effects during combat, but getting negative effects afterwards.

    Anyhow, i love this kind of plugins, i hope you'll keep developing it. Good luck!
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  15. Does the plugin support versions from 1.8 to 1.12?
  16. I'm afraid not, Epidemic is designed and supported only for 1.13+
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  17. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I was out on vacation.

    These are some great ideas, thanks - I'll definitely consider them as I add to the plugin (which I really hope to do soon!).

    I especially like the idea about asphyxiation when too high up. Keep an eye out in the discussion here (or join the Discord!) for updates :)
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