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  1. Looks like it works - does this look ok?

    2020-03-24 11_14_10-Minecraft 1.15.2 - Multiplayer (3rd-party).png
  2. From what I see in the config examples, the only way to get infected if from some sort of damage (fall, hit, fire, explosion, water). Is there a way to make it randomly strike, or that certain types of mobs have x chance of being infectious?
  3. There isn't a chance to just randomly get an ailment - that was by design. I can't imagine how annoyed players would get if they got sick while sitting in their house and not going anywhere. Though an upcoming update will make it more/less likely based on biome.

    You can get sick by:

    Fall, injury, explosion, fire, water, eating/drinking, magic (potions) - also, you can make it caused by a mob type. So for example, Rabies can be caused by injury, and caused by a wolf. So you would get that only if bitten by a wolf. You could create an ailment that is only triggered by being hit by zombies.. or being hit by magma cubes or blazes etc. You can also get sick from drinking tainted water from swamps etc. - the dirty water penalty is in the main config file.

    Then there is the original design intention, you can get sick from being around another sick player. If the ailment is listed as contagious, being near a player who has it can cause you to get it. The distance and chance to spread is configurable, so you can make some ailments very easy to catch, and some more difficult. Added to that, there is a period of time where you can be sick without showing symptoms, during this time you would still be contagious (you could, if feeling evil, cover your symptoms with a relief potion while you infect as many other players as you can).

    Hope that clears it up for you - let me know if I can clarify something else. And as always, more than happy to discuss ways to make the plugin better, so if you have an idea, please feel free to let me know.
  4. How do I make it happen by a mob type? Is there a config example for that? That is perfect and exactly what I am looking for.
  5. In the ailment config file, you can add in caused_by_entity, like below:

    - WOLF

    Here is a pastebin of the rabies config file as an example
  6. Thank you!!
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  7. Hi! Just purchased this plugin and love it! Only thing I would suggest is fixing the formatting codes. The & modifiers in the lores and names show up in game when used in the config.

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  8. Hi there, and thanks for the purchase! I'll be pushing out a new update in the next day or two that should address that (and a few other fixes)

    Please feel free to reach out if you need any help with it!
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  9. I have another suggestion! I am running a zombie survival server and thought it would be cool to add a realistic amputation option for zombie bites as a cure. I currently just have it if you get bit on the arm or leg you can use a hacksaw as the cure and it either gives you permanent weakness or slowness but I was thinking it would be cool to have cures for missing limbs like a prosthetic leg or arm. Is it possible to have a cure cause another less serious or fatal ailment that can then also be cured is the question. Thanks!
  10. It isn't something that the code would allow for right now, but I'm happy to keep it in mind as I make updates.
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  12. I've been working on some new symptoms today, and would love to hear any feedback or suggestions anyone might have.

    Each symptom will be able to be applied or not applied by ailment, so if you want a disease with them, you can add them, but none of these will be enforced otherwise.

    Gibberish - Applies a configurable chance of the players chat changing to nonsense


    Hallucinations - The player will hear sounds randomly.. creepers, zombies, lava, villagers etc.

    Clumsiness - Causes the player to drop their items

    Contaminated food - Causes the food in your inventory to rot away

    Black-Thumb - No longer able to plant things

    Pacifist - Prevents the player from hitting any other player or mob

    Forgetfulness - Lowers the players xp level (amount is configurable) every time the symptom is applied

    Rust - Iron armor, tools and weapons applied to the player start to lose their durability

    Configurable chance of enchantments on applied tools/weapons/armor being removed

    Configurable chance of applied armor getting Curse of binding

    Temperature - Not so much a symptom as its own additional mechanics. Heat & Cold will start to have an impact - standing by a fire will warm you up etc. Wearing armor in the desert is likely to cause you to overheat.. World specific application (so you can leave it off in the nether for example)
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  13. These are great! Keep up the good work!
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  14. Another ailment you could have is memory loss where the player is randomly teleported a certain amount of blocks away and has a waking up affect from a short blindness and confusion effect and might have an item added or removed from their inventory and not know what happened to them.
  15. Another ailment you could make is insomnia where the player cannot sleep unless they take sleeping pills.
  16. Also I run an RPG zombie survival server and thought it would be cool if you had an option for players to pick a weaknesses and strengths when they spawn that they have to deal with in order to survive that they can change every time they respawn. So say that I have a character with Asthma, they could randomly have asthma attacks while running and have to use an inhaler or a character that has narcolepsy and will randomly fall asleep or have a palyer who is a pacifist. Each of these disorders could have a point system that if you pick enough ailments you can also have strengths. If you look at the game project zomboid and the way they have their character trait system with strengths and weaknesses that is what I am basing this off of. It would be a bit of work but definitely worth it if you could pull it off!
  17. Insomnia is already in place!
  18. Random tp could be interesting
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