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  1. Hello torkev,

    is it possible to (de)activate epidemic per world?

    If no: May you implement? I've got no problems with editing yml ;-) -
    so you neither need a config command for it nor interfaces to other plugins ...

    If yes, I will buy and activate in 1 or 2 of my worlds.



    P.S.: Epidemic now is on my watch list :)
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  2. The main part of Epidemic doesn't have that in the config.. but I can definitely add it into the next update.. I already have the code in place for temperature and thirst, so it won't be a problem
  3. Hope that works well for you! :)
  4. Hello torpkev,

    Mny Tnx. Don't haste. Make your good job ...

    Good things need some time :-D
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  5. How do you make a vaccine?
  6. Vaccines are coming up in the next version - This update laid the groundwork for it.

    The plan will be either to use the syringe with the blood in on some object = vaccine, or injecting the syringe into a mob that you'll be able to extract the vaccine from
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  7. torpkev updated Epidemic with a new update entry:

    Thirst related bug fixes

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  8. With thirst disabled, I'm getting this line repeatedly in console:
    09.05 21:37:17 [Server] INFO [Epidemic][applyThirst] No Thirst bar in live data for 1ce6b1ef-9e06-4e7c-927c-b90770d2d2be
    I'm using something else to handle thirst; how do I shut this portion down completely?
  9. Sorry about that, some logging that didn't get disabled.

    I'll push a new copy out to Spigot shortly which removes that
  10. torpkev updated Epidemic with a new update entry:

    Bug fix

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  11. Hey, looks very good and at the moment we are thinking about implementing Epidemic on our server.
    Two things here:
    1. Your discord-link is broken.
    2. Is it possible to define custom drinks that have an effect on the players thirst (we are using Brewery)? Didn't find anything about this in the wiki.

    Thank you for your time - the plugin looks already awesome.
  12. Hi Rob,

    Thanks for the heads up on the discord link. This one should work ..

    Re: custom drinks, right now if I'm understanding you, there is nothing in place that would give any effects, but, I'm open to changes so long as they make sense.. Can you ping me on discord and go into a bit more detail on what you're thinking?
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  13. Hi torpkev,

    I didn't see, whether per-world use is possible in latest 1.5.4. Already implemented?
    Have good coding ;-)

  14. You can make it per-world by adding worlds where you don't want it to happen to each ailment configuration file.

    So for example, if you didn't want it happening in spawn or The End

    - spawn
    - world_theend

    - spawn
    - world_theend

    But you would need to do that in each ailment config.. so you could have worlds where you can't break your leg, but still get a fever etc.
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  15. oh Thank you for Info.
    Fine. I buy now as promides :-D
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  16. torpkev updated Epidemic with a new update entry:

    Custom Drink support & Bug Fixes

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  17. torpkev updated Epidemic with a new update entry:

    1.16 Support Added

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