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    eRankUP - 1.8 -1.17 | MySQL - rankup,erankup,rankup plugin

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  2. Can you support latest version? 1.16/1.17? Tons of survival servers use rankup, most of them run latest versions of minecraft.
  3. Yes, I'm doing an optimization first, I thought it would be working for these versions, but there was a problem in the inventory.
  4. Updated plugin, now works on 1.17
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  5. Do you have discord server?
  6. I have Discord,but i don't have server
  7. why don't you create a discord server?
  8. I don't know much about server on Discord
  9. great plugin, but can you do a text version? i mean like put an option that can disable gui, you can just do /rankup + confirm then announce on chat
  10. yes, i can add in the next update
  11. I just updated, you have two options, delete the messages.yml file or open it and add SkipMenu: true
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    Update 1.0.5

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  13. How do I get my rank on LegendChat?
  14. %erankup_rank%
  15. Hello, first thanks a lot for this plugin !
    I have an issues in 1.17.1 about money's display (with PlaceHolderAPI, Vault and Economy plugin)
  16. which file formatting are you using?
  17. upload_2021-7-27_15-16-9.png but I also test ANSI and UTF-8-BOM
    Okay I don't why but in my official server all is good !
    Plugin works once configured but a lot of error before understanding

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