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  1. So I just obfuscated my anti-cheat plugin and after doing it so it keeps spamming out this error in the console. It only happens after I obfuscate it. My plugin is compatible (original, not obfuscated) with 1.8 - 1.11 so this is confusing me. I'm using the Allatori obfuscator if you are wondering.
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    Your code thinks it's running on 1.11
    Can't tell you why without seeing it
  3. I'm mostly using code from here:
    I added some code to it but that's not any important code.
  4. Which is why you shouldn't copy code that you do not know how it's used. any net.minecraft.whatever import is version dependent because when Mojang code obfuscation changes the internals will break in the new version (i.e b() in v1.8 != b() in v1.11).
    It looks like you may have accidentally imported net.minecraft.server.v1_11_1.World instead of org.bukkit.World.
  5. Ok, so I fixed that problem. So I tried to connect it to my website to check for updates and when I obfuscated it, it says this:
  6. Sorry for going offtopic on this, but i need to say this.

    Releasing obfuscated versions of my code is not allowed (not by the license or by me).

    - ACR Developer
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