Error after update: The type com.avaje.ebean.EbeanServer cannot be resolved

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  1. Maybe try to clean your project? Not really sure if that will fix it...
  2. Cleaning did not change anything. Downgrading does not even work.
    I don't get why it complains...

    It's still not working and I would like to continue my projects.
    Isn't anyone else having this issue??
  3. Your using the wrong import probably.
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  4. Jad


    If you are not using Maven, use the Spigot Shaded build.
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  5. I fixed that a month ago
  7. help me it doesnt work for me!
  8. Build Spigot with BuildTools
    In eclipse:
    Build Path -> Configure Build Path
    Go to Libraries
    Add spigot-api-shaded.jar