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  1. Hello, i have
    I find errors in the console but I do not know where it comes from and my server has 200 connected and it makes 13 tps ...
  2. It's an error with ProtocolLib or a plugin that uses ProtocolLib. What plugin uses the command "/f mod"? Because this seems to have caused the issue
  3. this plugins is Factions
  4. Are you using the latest version of factions?
  5. Use the latest version of Factions and ProtocolLib. Once you've done that, try restart the server. If the problem persists after that, then put the same version of Factions and ProtocolLib on a different server with default configurations and see if it still persists.
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  6. Okay thank's
  7. Gaxan


    Might want to remove the IP# from the pastebin. Believe it or not, some real dick heads linger on these forums.
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