Error in bungee player get kicked

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  1. Hello again...
    I have 2 error in the bungee Console with often the same player.

    The player is on the Skyblock Server and do nothing wrongly than he get kicked on the Hub Server and try to rejoin the Skyblock Server about teleport signs, that didn't work because bungee says he is already connected to Skyblock. He left the complete Server and join again and everything works finally antill he get kicked later...

    It is the same player every time...


    it happens when i wrote this lol.
  2. Yeah, no need to post the topic twice.
  3. lol i never posted 2 times fail...
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  5. BungeeCord is up to date and SpigotMC is the same on every Server, but the problem is only on the Skyblock Server
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    Post your bukkit.yml and spigot.yml please. Use Pastebin!