Error In Console! Help Please?!

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  1. Whenever I try to load my server, it loads perfectly. When a player such as myself logs onto the server the console gets spammed with errors. I have created a pastebin:

    The pastebin shows the errors I'm having, but I've only copied some of the errors because of the same errors, as you can probually see, keep spamming again and again.
    Plugin(s): HCFStuff
    If you guys could help me that'd be great! Although I don't know how to code so if you could provide me with the fix that'd be GREAT!!!! <3
  2. Well, it is obviously an error with HCFStuff. Is the plugin up to date/compatible with your server version? Is it setup properly?
  3. Yes everything is up to date and compatible. When someone logs onto the server the console gets spammed. Yes I realize that it's that plugin, but I would like to know how to fix the plugin.
  4. Did you code this plugin?
  5. I did not code this plugin myself no. And I do not have access to talk with the people that did code it.
  6. You might wanna ask someone to fix it for you then haha :)
  7. There isn't really anything you can do if you can't come into contact with the people who coded it, or if you didn't code it yourself. Make sure that the plugin you're using supports 1.7.10, as most plugins have moved into 1.8 support and dropped 1.7 support.
  8. Why bump, you got your answer. You need to either contact the plugin author or not use that plugin.
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