Error in my server log and server crash

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by Trevar, May 12, 2015.

  1. It looks as if your server is crashing, are you running this server locally?
  2. no, i run server on dedicated machine 96gb 10gbps connections XD
  3. Have you got the correct version of Java? Are you on CentOS 6?
  4. YES, centos 6, correct version of java.
  5. 96 GB ECC Ram oh god.

    Might be why Lol. A minecraft server runs best on E3's with 16 or 32gb ram.

    Good dedicated server's don't have 96 GB ECC ram.

    You also probably did like 'yum install java7' which is not what your sposto do.
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  6. Version of java is correct...
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  7. Assuming 'yum install java7' ?
  8. It looks like it is chatguard... did you try removing chatguard to see if it happens again? I would do two tests. Reload the server and try to swear again (since that what seems to set it off) then if it DOES crash, start the server again but without chatguard, see if it crashes again. If you can trigger the crash with chatguard.. chances are, that is what is causing your issue.