ERROR io.netty.handler.codec.EncoderException: String too big (was 32789 bytes encoded, max 32767)

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  1. Hey there, I am having this problem too now. Thing is that it happens in a warzone where people doesnt even have acces to build. I have replaced signs with air using //replacenear, but it doesnt work out. I am in urgent need of help and if you could come by my server (Legends Of Survival) I would appreciate it alot! I have tried a lot of things, but I cant fix this issue. Thanks in advance.

    Ps, the server is whitelisted so I might need your ingame name first unless it's "Vultra".
  2. What's the download link for the jar folder for spigot 1.8.7 snapshot????
  3. anyone who has had this sign problem i have found away to break the signs my server i play on had one random person come on and do this and i spent 1 and a half maybe 2 hours searching and i found a client that dose this and well if you use it and enable the the right hack you can go near the signs they don't crash you this is how i fixed our server i had the owners permission to go on the server then a admin tp'ed me to the sign

    ok here is what you do install this client :

    then log into your server that's having this problem (if you get kicked go on to another server for a sec and look fin the world part for "crash sign" and turn it on) then log back into your server you should not be kicked and you should be able to break the signs (note if you place a sign with this on it shows blank but will kick any player with out the client
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  5. I just got this problem as is how i get rid of it:
    None of these plugins worked for me so i started to remove all signs using worldedit but still i was getting i downloaded that hacked client myself (wolfram, and turned on that sign hack (Ctrl button opens menu)) and found that nasty thing...turns out it wasn't sign but head on the armour stand ( ) After i break that everything works fine.
    And the best thing is that i just yesterday launched my server and someone already did this to me...:( He spent 5 min placing that thing and crashed most of my players but i spend 12h and half of night to fix it! Is there really no way how Mojang could punish those peoples?! That's ridiculous!
    Btw person who did this is LulzFTW UUID d0fc31d1-25ca-4a67-b18d-a5bdbfa322d7
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    Please post your crash log.
  7. 3 min of console data here (player names and uuid has been changed)

    Most of the time error was [Netty Epoll Server IO #3/ERROR]: io.netty.handler.codec.EncoderException: String too big (was 32768 bytes encoded, max 32767)

    But sometimes it shows like [Server thread/INFO]: Player lost connection: Internal Exception: Error while write(...): Broken pipe
  8. So i'm getting the same problem and it's really annoying and i have no clue how to fix it if someone could jump on my server and take a look id appreciate it.. :/

  9. just got this on my survival server as well :/ i cant understand how to install that hacked client ? i believe sign is around spawn.
  10. this is how i fixed it on my server and it isn't that hard to fix. Just fly right into the place where the sign is until you get kicked and then load the world in singleplayer and search for the sign when you find it just remove it. Downside to this is that you have to search with 2 fps.
    i had like 30 signs placed around my server spawn. Imagine how hard would be to find every sign, they was placed underground and so...
    If you have CoreProtect installed you are lucky!
    Simply login to your server with wolfram client (sign crash enabled) find at least one sign and with /co i click on the sign or / and brake it.
    After that you will get that fucker username! And do /co rb u:usernameoffusker r:#Global t:999999999d

    I hope i helped !
  12. Well yeah i had only 2 signs and i knew who did it wich make it easier also i tested myself once with worlfram if it would protect me agains the kicking thing but i still got kicked it only protects to player who placed it.
  13. no you are not right, just turn on sign crash hacks and you will be able go there and break them.
  14. hmm weird why did it kick me anyways?
  15. Alright guys, I just wanted to add on to this as all my server staff tpd to someone with the hacked client. (They noticed that each time someone tpd to the person, they immediately logged out) As well as using Core Protect to get rid of the signs, you could also use ChatControl to prevent further attacks (And you should also ban the person who did it). When you're in the console and using ChatControl, go to the Rules directory, then edit the sign config. I recommend doing this: (see below) which will basically deny placement of any sign that has the '|' character in it. It may be slightly annoying for players, but it's for the greater good :) Enjoy!
    Code (Text):
    match \b|\b
    then deny
  16. @Vultra Thank you so much for this. My server has been down for such a long time due the error and this helped so much. You're a real life saver. Again, thank you.
  17. I'm updating my server now. Just will like to know how will you know the sign placed is a hacked sign? I would like to ban the player who did this.