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  1. Hey Spigot community so I just started learning to program and today was the day where I get eclipse to start writing m codes I downloaded eclipse and JDK and I came upon this error

    Error: Failed to load JNI shared libraries

    Please help!

    A tutorial would be nice :)
  2. Anyone know? How to fix it?
  3. Pogostick29's video shows you how to setup Eclipse & make a test plugin ;). Remember that before you start Bukkit/Spigot API, you need to learn Java. Bucky makes good videos on Java as well if you're not a fan of reading off of tutorials.
  4. Their videos are good no doubt but you haven't answered my question
    About the error pogostick29 is on a mac not a windows pc so it doesn't show
  5. Setup is the same in both platforms, besides few design and key combinations. If you can't figure it out, you can post what's wrong here, but Eclipse is very similar on both Mac and PC.
  6. I'm a windows user and followed his tutorial to setup Eclipse (whenever I used it). You should Google these kinds of things before asking a question on the Spigot forums, because Spigot is just for Spigot/Bukkit stuff, an extension of Java pretty much. I Googled it and got the answer immediately. This video should help you out.
  7. Thnx