Error on player join 1.12

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  1. Hi there,

    I jsut updated my server to Spigot 1.12, and whenever most players join, this error occurs:

    I can see something about channels, and noticed others were having this issue with no resolve.

    Any ideas?

  2. Try to update protocollib
  3. I would, but there's no update available for it that I can find - that was my first idea.
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  5. Im having the same problem. did u find a fix? i have been bumping on pmc and forums and literally getting NO joiners! only people who were already on my server before could join back...... im also on 1.12. i thought MC was dead because i have been MIA for about a year and some change. But i see in console all players trying to join and getting kicked. i thought they were cracked mc accounts attempting to join. but with further investigation i found if i searched the names on they were infact legit players.