Solved Error on player join

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  1. I have an error. In the console, only send this message:
    30.06 10:35:37 [Disconnect] User FiesteroCraft has disconnected, reason: unknown
    30.06 10:35:18 [Server] INFO FiesteroCraft left the game.

    Desktop 30-06-2016 11-34-39 a.m.-262.png
  2. Are you using some scoreboard plugins?
    Because I think this errors is thrown because of scoreboard length.
  3. Yes, im using InfoBoardReborn
  4. 1.8.8
  5. I unloaded the plugin of Scoreboard, the problem persists.
  6. You can try to remove the scoreboard files. This helped for me.
  7. I unloaded the .jar of plugin!
  8. He refers to the scoreboard files in your world. Delete them.
  9. go to each world and go to data folder and find scoreboard.dat and remove that
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  10. Jup
  11. Thanks to all! It works :D I removed the scoreboard files from worlds!
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