Error-spam in my console

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  1. Getting this error-spam in my console.

    It says something about Greatkits which is a plugin I recently installed but I was getting a similar error-spam even before installing that plugin...

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  2. Try deleting the folder for the plugin. Looks like there's something wrong with how it's handling data.

    If it happens again I recommend simply deleting the plugin.
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  3. But I kind of need that plugin :p Like I said, there was a similar console-spam also before...
  4. Well try doing what I said and if it fixes the problem then it's the plugin that's causing the problem.

    You could contact the author and tell them there's a big with the logs, or you could look for an alternative, and/or you could hire someone. *cough cough* ;)
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  5. It actually only seems to run that when i made the mistake of trying to give myself a kit with no inventory in it. I might have fixed it now :-o

    And it doesn't crash or lag the server or anything so I think I'll go with it and see how it works. Now I just need another new player to just login to my server to test if they actually receive the starterkit :p

    (I don't think I need to set any permissions to the default group right, cause I don't want them to be able to create it themselves later...they are just supposed to get it when they enter the server for the first time.)

    Could you try to log in to my server? ;-)
  6. Sorry but this is my "work" computer, no Minecraft installed. I'm sure someone new will join eventually.
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  7. Tested it. It all works as its supposed to. The server doesn't even seem to lagg more or that it is taxing the server too hard in any way.

    Still...just the console spam is if anyone has a solution...where I can keep the plugin, or install another plugin that does the same thing...I am all ears...
  8. GreatKits doesn't seem to be updated to 1.14 yet. It's calling a method that no longer exists in the Spigot API. Hence the error. Caused by: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org/bukkit/inventory/Inventory.getName()
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  9. Yeah I suspected this was the case. Do you know of a plugin that would do the same but without the error-messages?
  10. Unfortunately I am unaware of any plugin that does something similar to GreatKits. However, @MSWS appears to be offer an excellent service for free, you might want to run the idea buy him through the thread he linked above.