Error when using localhost and public IP?

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I recently got a dedicated server, and installed BungeeCord as well as the other servers. While setting up BungeeCord, I was doing some testing and realized that localhost:25566,, and were not working as they did before. (My hub's port is 25566). The only IP that works is the external server IP, which I am using currently.

    The other strange thing is that when I login to the server, when using /who [MyUsername], it displays what looks like an internal IP, but it's not localhost or another external IP. It is for sure a private IP, so I decided to try using that instead in BungeeCord. After restarting all servers, it still does not work.

    So far, the server is still working when I use the external IP, but I'm not really sure if it is efficient to keep doing that. Will it use extra bandwidth or network usage if I continue to use the external IP? The reason I think it might is because it is connecting outside the network when connecting to the hub, and then the connection just comes right back in. (Correct me if this is wrong please...)

    Does anyone happen to know what is happening?

    Thank you all!
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    Make sure you have
    Code (Text):
    bungeecord: true
    in your spigot.yml files. Also check for "server-ip" line and put in there. Please don't use external IPs for servers behind Bungeecord, it's very unsafe as anyone can bypass Bungee and connect directly to your server.

    Also did you setup any firewall?
  3. Hello,

    Currently I do not want IP forwarding, but I tried bungeecord:true and it still does not work. The file already has Also about the external IP thing- I have OnlyProxyJoin currently so players are unable to bypass bungee and directly login without authentication. I also do not have any firewalls setup...

    The thing that really confuses me is that the IP that shows up on the hub server is what looks like an internal IP which is strange, because I used the external IP in the bungeecord config.
  4. You mean its a 192.168 ip or 10.0?
  5. It starts with 172.17
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    172.16/12 ( - is a private/reserved (=internal) IP block.

    Where do you host your server?
    Also, I assume it's a linux server, so please post "iptables -L" and "ifconfig" (if not available, try "ip addr") command output.