Errors building Spigot? READ THIS FIRST!

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by GunfighterJ, Nov 30, 2014.

  1. GunfighterJ


    There have been a lot of errors regarding building Spigot using the BuildTools jar. Most of these issues that I've seen over the last day are repeat issues, and can be easily resolved by doing one of four things.
    1) Reviewing the BuildTools Wiki page. It even has common errors at the bottom!
    2) Checking the Tickets for any issues similar to yours. (Yes, it requires an account)
    3) Going on IRC and asking for help. (You'll be amazed how much quicker it is, both for you and us)
    4) Looking through previous posts on here before making your post. (It's annoying to have to answer dupe posts).

    So please, look before you post, chances are your issue has been noticed and a working solution exists.
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  2. joshwenke

    Wiki Team

    Thanks for posting this! Lots of people will have questions and these links solve most of the issues I've had. Thank you!
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  3. i found my problem on the buildtools wiki xD i am so silly!!
    Does anyone know how to whitelist in your Anti Virus software?
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  4. On Avast: Options -> AntiVirus -> (Scroll Down) Alerts -> URL -> Copy and press Enter -> Done ;'D
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  5. Hi guys i'm new here and usually I don't post on help forums for Minecraft, However I was recently informed that Minecraft has gone through some big changes as far as DMCA and the issues of having to now build your own server.jar's. I work on a project using MineOs on Raspberry Pi's and Cubox-i4pro. Sadly it has been rendered useless due to not having a set download location anymore for spigot,bukkit,craft...ect. Anyways long story short i've built a completlely automated Script to gather all the needed files and compile buildtools.jar using Ubuntu/Debian(Debian variants). This will allow users to easily build thier favorate server.jar with ease and even update on the fly. Anyways i'll be making a video tatorial soon and would like to know if this is something you guys could use?. Like i said this is my first post but if this is something wanted i'll make a thread with guide for users, just let me know where to make it. Thanks guys.
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  6. wget
    java -jar BuildTools.jar

    is that your script?
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  7. No it's more in depth to allow any user to use it and find the output files. Trust me i would use that myself but i make things stupid simple for any user.
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  8. GunfighterJ

    You are far from the first, and the BuildTools itself is already pretty simple. There really aren't many scripts that can make it any easier for the user. Not to mention, BuildTools itself is constantly evolving and big changes are on the way (curse my finals for getting in the way of testing).
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  9. I'm well aware this is something most users that are even half used to Linux won't need, However tools to make any job easier for only a small % of user is still a Plus. I'm mainly making this for my use and the users of the Cubox-i/Rpi who can not build on them because of jacobe not compiling on ARM. I only brought it up here to help the few that might need it. Please don't assume i'm referring to all Linux users, just the new guys who like toolkits/scripts. Thanks for understanding.
  10. Hey Gunfighterj, Where is a good place to post this script for users with a small tutorial.
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  11. I got error "You must run this jar through bash (msysgit)

    What is that?
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  12. Please read the wiki :)
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  13. GunfighterJ


    It means you failed to read this original post.
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  14. I read through the wiki and followed the steps as best I could, but I'm also getting the "You must run this jar through bash (msysgit)" error from within both the Git Bash shell and the msysGit sh.exe shell.

    Could you throw us a bone? Obviously whatever isn't being done correctly, may not be obvious to everyone. Maybe it's a "gotcha" for the noobies. If so, would be really helpful if there was a comment in the wiki Troubleshooting area about this problem too.

    However, Google searches end up here in this post. If someone just put a clearly written answer here it might save lots of fellow minecrafters a lot of unnecessary grief. We're all struggling to learn this new "build" technology that's foreign to us, but now needed just to get previously easily available craftbukkit updates.

    A little hand-holding at this point would probably be very kind for the overall craftbukkit brotherhood..

    Thanks - co
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  15. GunfighterJ


    That error occurs in one of 2 ways, you ran the command in normal command prompt, or a compiling step failed. Pastebin the output from running the command.
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  16. Looks like someone else also posted the same issue as BuildTools-39, and rated it as a Critical Bug ->

    Got it to compile by removing some invalid paths from the Git Bash PATH variable but then BuildTools exited with exception I couldn't debug. Stopped trying with BuildTools #16 in Git for Windows.

    I Installed Ubuntu 14.10 on VirtualBox 4.3.20. Installed JDK/JRE 8u25, and git and remaining apps that were needed. got BuildTools.jar #17.

    Building under Ubuntu with BuildTools.jar #17. I had to disable MS Essentials and Malware-Bytes on the VirtualBox host to allow it to connect to Spigot, as noted in the Errors Building Spigot? Troubleshooting ( May try to exclude the spigot domain, but at this point just want to get a build to work!

    Once I disabled virus checking on host, the build started in earnest. It downloaded maven and Jacobe, and looks like installed them in same folder. That attempt later failed with some kind of file "link errors".

    Deleted the repositories in BuildTools.jar folder and restarted the compile and it finished to completion. DONE! BuildTools now displays messages of where it placed the CraftBukkit...jar file. Nice!

    Got my CraftBukkit...jar file!
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  17. Where is the tutorial. I really need help doing this.
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  18. When I use Gitbash to get the jars from BuildTools, well... there are no jars! The files described in the wiki are missing. How do I get these files?
    The files missing include the spigot-server folder, and all of the craftbukkit and spigot jars! How can I fix this?
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  19. Wow this helped me a lot!
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  20. Very accurate guide, thanks a lot
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